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Polish Brides

Polish Brides For Marriage: You Chance To Find A Polish Wife

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

Many beautiful Polish ladies are looking for marriage to foreign men. They seek a better life, true love, and a respectful attitude.

To do that, they register at specialized dating websites and become Polish mail order brides. What are they like, and what's so special about them? Why would a Poland girl want a foreigner for marriage? Learn everything about Polish wives in this article.

👭 Female population:19.6 mln
❤️ Women registered on dating sites:Over 200,000
👩 Average marriage age:27
🌐 Speak English:37%
💸 Avg. Polish Bride Cost:$8000-19000
🌎 Most Popular Cities:Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Lodz

Main features of Polis brides' appearance

Polish mail order brides are considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Indeed, when looking through the Polish bride profiles, it’s hard not to note their model-like appearance. Why is it so? It’s time to delve into details of their charm.


Polish girl for marriage tends to have soft facial features

The Slavic region is well-known for its beautiful women who have stolen the hearts of numerous men. You might know ladies from Bulgaria, Russia, or Ukraine. Indeed, these women are mesmerizing.

What’s more, Polish girls are also representatives of this area, so nature has bestowed them with thin and soft facial features. Oval-formed face, full lips, and pale skin complexion are Polish instruments to attract men from all over the world.

Polish brides are like thin nymphs

Beautiful Polish brides win men’s hearts with not only bright eyes and shiny smiles but hot bodies too. Their delicate and well-formed figures are definitely what men dream of seeing in their wives. Polish girls dedicate much time to be fit. Gym and other sports are their best friends in achieving the goal of a perfect body.

They're well-groomed beauties

Unlike their counterparts from other countries, mail order Polish brides put caring for their appearance a high priority. In case you ever noticed a stereotypical image of a girl’s bathroom with lots of little beauty boxes and cases, take it as an image of a Polish girl. Polish ladies looking for love don’t favor plastic surgeries. Instead, they choose to care for their good-looking with creams. Moreover, Polish ladies choose feminine outfits. In Polish streets, there are many women in dresses and with make-up. Seems like the last place of feminine women nowadays.

What is the character of Polish mail order brides?

Where to find the most beautiful Polish women? Perhaps, the best place is an online dating site. Before you find them, is there anything else a Polish lady can offer to you?


Polish mail order brides are romantic

Since the early ages, Polish girls have listened to fairy tales about a prince who came to win a princess’s heart. They believe everyone should meet the best partner to create a happy family. It’s their dream and goal at the same time. Unlike Western women, beautiful Polish women don’t abandon romantic feelings. They open their hearts to men they love. Polish girls enjoy having romantic moments, as well as receiving and doing special surprises.

Polish girls are hospitable

Tourists who visited Poland claim it’s one of the most hospitable nations they’ve ever met. Polish girls are grown up in traditions of family gathering. They try to visit relatives on every holiday, and these meetings are accompanied by tables full of various dishes. Moreover, Polish ladies are good at making an entertaining program not to have guests bored. Your friends will undoubtedly enjoy being at your and your Polish bride’s home. So, hospitality is among the features making Polish wife even more appealing to Western men.

Polish brides are educated and smart

Poland is the country in which the second university in Europe opened. It still functions now teaching students for around 700 years. This historical fact reflects the educational level of the Polish society. It’s one of the countries with the biggest population who obtained a university degree. Along with that, Polish women for marriage don’t neglect self-education and the world trends in different spheres of knowledge. They’re intelligent ladies who can speak on any topic. Marrying a Polish woman is to have a smart and interesting life partner.

🇵🇱 Top Polish Brides And Dates Sites

We have selected the best sites for you to meet polish women.

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10 reasons to choose a Polish bride

It’s clear that a Polish girl can be ideal for marriage. If you still doubt whether she can be your ideal wife, partner, and lover, have a look at what she can offer to you:

  1. She looks forward to creating a family, and when it happens – she values a family much.
  2. She knows how to keep the house and cook a delicious meal. And she actually does it.
  3. She prefers to support rather than confront her man.
  4. She cares for herself, and she doesn’t stop doing it after marriage.
  5. She doesn’t neglect self-education and career when keeping house.
  6. She likes having guests at home.
  7. She respects her man’s parents and relatives.
  8. She adores children and knows how to deal with them.
  9. She respects a man and considers him a head in a relationship.
  10. She knows how to make a home a place you always want to come back.

How much does a Polish mail order bride cost?

The term mail order bride price doesn't mean you're actually buying a mail order bride from Poland. It's impossible to buy a person. But you pay for the services you use on a dating site to find Poland girls you'd consider for marriage. The total cost also includes such extra spending as traveling to meet face-to-face, sending real presents, staying in your girlfriend's country, and arranging a wedding.

How do you know if a Polish girl likes you?

If you’re interested in finding and dating Polish ladies seeking men, you need to be sure that they’ll like you. But how to understand whether a Polish woman likes you? What are the signs of her interest in you? There’s a list of them.

  • She listens to you carefully. Polish brides for marriage don’t spend too much time listening to men whom they don’t like. On the contrary, if she wants a man, she’ll listen patiently to his numerous stories even if they’re not that exciting.
  • She texts you first. Polish brides aren’t that much initiative, as they’re taught not to answer men’s feelings quickly. Still, when their hearts are beating faster, Polish girls don’t hesitate to text first. If you received “good morning” – she sends signals telling she likes you.
  • She agrees to the further dates. Polish women don’t want to give chances to men they believe to be inappropriate to build a serious relationship with. So if your invitation for the second and further date is accepted – be sure she considers you a potential husband!
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How can I impress my Polish girl?

Nowadays, there are so many Polish women looking for men to create more serious relationships. Thus, you need to know how to impress them not to miss a chance to marry a Polish lady. Which actions will make a Polish woman love you? Let’s find out.

  • Be a gentleman. Polish girls dream of being with a well-mannered man. So you shouldn’t be shy about expressing your feelings with the etiquette rules. On the contrary, this behavior will bring you victory over the local men.
  • Show initiative. Polish women looking for marriage seek to meet determined and active men to create families with. Those girls want men to be leaders, so don’t hesitate to express yourself and make steps.
  • Learn some words. Yes, the Polish language isn’t that easy. But some phrases, even with the worst accent, will undoubtedly impress your woman. She’ll pay you back with the efforts you put into bringing her joy.
  • Be careful about her interests. Polish women usually have lots of interests and hobbies, but the local men aren’t into listening to that. So demonstrate your support for what she likes. It’s a trump card to winning a woman’s heart.

How to ask a Polish girl out?


How to invite a Polish woman for a date and get her “yes”? Some little prompts will assist you.

  • Ask her politely. Choose a mild form of asking whether she wants to meet you. Leave her a chance to refuse – if she doesn’t want to go on a date, it means your Polish love will reach you soon.
  • State a clear purpose of the meeting. A phrase like “let’s meet for a coffee” allows her to interpret it as a friend’s invitation. Be specific to have her clearly understand your intentions.
  • Let her tell the tastes. Before planning a date, it’s good to know which cuisine a girl likes. In case she struggles to name one, then offer her some variants. Polish women looking for men will appreciate such an attitude.
  • Introduce her to a date plan. Depending on the activities you plan to perform, a girl chooses an appropriate outfit. So you’d better warn about the wish to climb mountains to make her wearing shoes instead of heels.

Tips for courting and dating a Polish woman for marriage

Dating Polish mail order bride is an incredible experience, but how to invite a Polish woman for a date and get her “yes”? Some little prompts will assist you.

  • Start your date by kissing her hand. It’s an old gesture of knights to show respect and admiration for their women. She’ll appreciate it.
  • Bring her flowers. Polish girls love flowers, so it melts their hearts.
  • Prepare a gift. It’ll prove your serious intentions. It’s better to present a special gift that reminds you both about a moment or reflects her interests.
  • Open the door and let her in first. It’s an etiquette rule in Polish society.
  • Pull a chair out for her. According to the Polish etiquette, a man should help a woman take a seat at the table.
  • Be ready to pay for both. Polish women see men as those who should pay the whole bill. Still, more open-minded women can split it, but you better not split the bill on the first date.

How to marry a Polish girl?

These are the main steps to take if you're dreaming of a Polish mail order bride to marry:

  • Choose a dating platform for dating. This is the initial thing to do if you want to get a woman from overseas and Poland, in particular. Lots of Polish ladies are now looking for love on dating sites, so you won't have trouble with a choice. Opt for the platform that provides a vast female catalog, helpful interaction tools, and fair prices.
  • Establish contact and profit from services the website offers. Find a lady you like the most and start communication with her. Try the features the platform provides to make communication even more colorful.
  • Arrange a real-life meeting. Eventually, your online relationship will need a new turn. This is when it's time to see each other face-to-face.
  • Plan a wedding. When you both will be sure you want to spend life together, take care of the legal issues for marriage with a foreigner in the US. For this, you'll need a K-1 Visa that enables you and your partner to marry within 90 days after she entered the territory of the US.

Poland – What is that country about?

Poland is a country in  the Central Europe region, with around 40 million people living there. The country’s name means “people living in open fields.” The state belongs to the Slavic world, being located near the post-Soviet and Central European countries. Poland is one of the most devout European countries with more than 90% Catholic believers. Still, it doesn’t prevent the state from progress and tolerance.


In case you think you’re unfamiliar with Poland, some worldwide known Polish people will disprove your opinion. Among them are:

  • Nicholas Copernicus – an astronomer who proved planets of Milky Way are revolving around the Sun.
  • Maria Skłodowska Curie – a chemist who discovered two radioactive elements, polonium and radium.
  • Frederick Chopin – a composer known for “Funeral March”.
  • Robert Levandowski – a prominent German football player.
  • Warner brothers – yes, those guys who invented a cinematic company!
  • Sisters Wachowski – editors who gave “Matrix” to the world.
  • Roman Polanski – an outstanding editor, you might have seen his “Pianist”.
  • Ania Rubik – a famous supermodel.

How to distinguish Polish people from others? Take a look at the surnames: most Polish surnames end with “ski” for men and “ska” for women. In the U.S.A., a male form is used for both genders. Poland has great names that are worth mentioning, but what makes it more appealing is its nice, gorgeous, and charming Polish mail brides.

Meet your Polish bride online!

Nowadays, you don’t need to travel to a country to find mail order brides there. Meet Polish women online, and find that one who makes your heart beat faster!

Polish Brides F.A.Q.

Do Polish women make good wives?

Yes, women from Poland make good wives. They're caring and supportive. With such a lady, you′ll always have a best friend and loving wife in one person.

Are Polish brides legal?

Dating Poland brides online is absolutely legal, and the same corresponds to marrying them later. All ladies also provide their IDs when registering to prove their age and personality. Girls under 18 aren't allowed to create profiles on dating websites

How to approach a Polish girl?

Polish women are seeking men who know how to make any lady feel special. That's why, be attentive, make compliments, respect her boundaries and ask for her point of view, surprise with small things. Still, be a dominant man, Polish women believe the mean is the head of the family and will wait for the first steps from you.