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Moldova Girls For Marriage: Peculiarities Of Moldova Mail Order Brides Which Intrigue Men The Most

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

Are you tired of career-focused iron ladies with high expectations and requirements? Forget about negative dating experience with tender and feminine Moldova mail order brides. They come from a country lying in the northeastern corner of the Balkan region, Europe. The population consists of Moldovan, Romanian, and Ukrainian groups, that's why foreigners admit a wide diversity of girls. Thanks to a great selection of appearance and character types, every man can find an ideal bride to his taste. Keep reading this article to uncover the charming nature of Moldova women for marriage and know how to attract their attention!

👭 Female population:2.1 mln
❤️ Women registered on dating sites:Over 7k
👩 Average marriage age:25.8
🌐 Speak English:14%
💸 Avg. Moldova Bride Cost:$3,000-$7,000
🌎 Most Popular Cities:Chișinău, Bălți, Tiraspol, Bender

Do Moldova brides impress by their look?

Foreigners attached to Barbie-looking women are on the right track if they look for a soulmate among Moldovan brides. The majority of them amaze guys with striking natural beauty. Tender facial features, slim figures, and seductive curves make single Moldovan ladies desirable. They have silky blonde or brown hair, long legs, and plump lips. Such a spouse always stays hot because she emphasizes attractive features and takes care of beauty. A Moldovan wife may invest some part of her salary in cosmetic procedures and beauty salons. Unlike some mail order brides from Europe, these girls consider appearance important for new acquaintances, success in dating, and relationships with other people. Looking for a gorgeous spouse, choose one of these singles!


Why do Moldovan brides seek foreign husbands?

Although not every Moldovan bride is looking for a foreign husband, many of them are doing that for several reasons:

  • Moldovan mail order brides think that Western men make better husbands. Men in Moldova are flirtatious and open to meeting new women even once they’re married. Therefore, local women often feel neglected and jealous because of such behavior. They believe that foreigners are more responsible and certain when it comes to serious relationships and marriage.
  • Moldova women looking for marriage migrate to build better lives. Since gender roles in the Moldovan society and families are traditional, many mail order brides from Moldova seek foreign husbands to create a family where a wife and a husband won’t be limited by gender roles but rather by their skills, wishes, and goals. Also, they want to have better opportunities for a successful life, and Moldovian girls work hard to live as they prefer abroad.
  • Moldovan brides are eager to find love. They value a true and deep emotional connection between partners and are ready to spend quite a time searching for the right person. In this search, Bosnian girls don't limit themselves to their country only.

Can foreigners face any language difficulties with Moldovan women for marriage?

Thanks to a well-established education system, Moldovan singles are fluent in English. Lonely girls continue learning it after university for career development, but the main reason is finding a foreign husband. They attend extra courses, read books in English, and join numerous speaking clubs. Dating a Moldovan, you won't notice essential misunderstandings. Such a partner understands that her dating success depends on communication, that's why she does all her best to overcome the language barrier with you!

What else foreigners should know about single Moldovan women?

Moldova wife is broad-minded

Marrying such a lady, you get not only beautiful but also an intelligent spouse. After marriage, she doesn't forget about self-development. This bride's genuinely interested in various life spheres like psychology, science, education, sport, medicine, etc. Maybe, she'll share her love of literature, classical music, or ballet with you. Moldova has numerous drama, opera, and ballet theaters. Your beloved may be interested not only in reading books but going to a modern theater festival. Settle down with one of the Moldovan women and get to know what a "broad-minded person" means. Moreover, having a partner from another culture will be exciting for both of you and contribute to your broad-mindedness as well.

She doesn't take cooking as a duty

Beautiful Moldovan women are taught to be excellent cooks. With such a wife, you open a tasty Moldovan cuisine consisting of minced meat rolls, peppers, sour soup with beans, and cottage cheese pie. Your beloved can please you with a popular dish tochitura Moldoveneasca. It's pan-fried pork in a spicy pepper sauce served with mamalyga (soft cornmeal mush) and topped with fried eggs. On holidays, you'll taste jellied pork. Moldovan ladies also have good taste in wine. Are you dreaming of a special supper in the candlelight on weekends while listening to compositions played on the piano? Choose one of these singles!

This woman respects her traditions

Ladies in Moldova adore spring, sticking to Martisor. It's one of the local traditions meaning a small brooch combining red and white colors. On the first of March, women wear it around the wrist or on a chain around the neck. A drop of red blood on white snow symbolizes the victory of spring over winter. Foreigners can see Martisors in March, and they can be hanged on trees while making a wish. According to belief, by doing it, all the wishes will come true. Undoubtingly, for a Moldova girlfriend, the biggest dream is marriage with you!

Moldova brides dream about musical wedding

These singles are fascinated with the idea of a beautiful wedding process and celebration with numerous dishes and drinks. An authentic Moldovan ceremony can't take place without national music and dances. At your wedding, you get to know what is traditional Hora dance. It requires a relatively large group of people to hold hands and form a circle. There are a few circles one inside of the other, all moving in opposite directions. You'll enjoy live music which accompanies this dance. There also can be such musical instruments as ţîmbal, cimpoi, fluer, nai, cobza, and toba. Do you like upbeat and joyful music? Be sure a wedding with such a bride will be full of it. But your future wife's voice is the most charming sound.

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What is the Moldovan dating like?

The courtship period is traditionally important for ladies in Moldova. Men are considered initiators of the relationships and main providers. They invite and pay for ladies in restaurants, cinemas, galleries, and popular festivals. Couples, who don't live together, prefer dates outside of the house. Moldovan girls aren't focused on career, that's why they're ready to give a lot of attention to partners. These women are ready to live together with men but with the parents' permission. They find it a good way to check the relationships out before marriage. When you prove serious intentions to her relatives, you have all the chances to start a new step. Generally, dates with Moldovan singles are easy, fun, and fascinating. Get acquainted with one of them to get convinced in it!

What a family life can you expect from a wife from Moldova?

Families in Moldova have two working parents, that's why your beloved continues it after marriage. The average number of children varies from urban to rural areas. In the city, families have an average of 2 kids, and in rural areas — 3-4. Local women like pets, that's why in your house may also live dogs, cats, or birds. Only very wealthy families can afford a housekeeper, but Moldovan ladies don't need extra services. They're taught to maintain order at home. In their childhood, Moldovans have certain household chores and take care of their own space in the home. Your family life with such a partner will be full of child laughs, warm smiles, and cozy meetings.

Moldovan women looking for marriage have many friends who won’t disappear once they get married. Therefore, you can expect big companies to arrive at your house from time to time. Your wife will gladly cook for them and offer board games or other ways to have fun. Your friends’ company will likely mix up with hers, so you’ll get an even bigger crowd of people gathering at your home, communicating, and chilling.

Marrying a Moldovan woman also means feeling as if your house was your fortress: you wouldn’t have any fights in your place. In Moldova wife of every husband is his biggest support, not a problem.


How to attract one of Moldova mail order brides?

Ladies from Moldova prefer initiative men, who are leaders in the connection. Local guys compliment girls and try to impress them, but after some time, they forget about good manners and pleasant things that make women happy. Lots of males become alcoholic-addicts who can't provide normal living conditions and a harmonious atmosphere in the family. In contrast to them, stay gentleman all the time, following the next tips:

  • Show interest in her culture. Right from the first days of your dating, demonstrate that you’re eager to find out her country’s traditions, customs, national dishes, rules of communication, etc.;
  • Admit changes in her appearance or mood. Every Moldova mail bride will appreciate it if you’re attentive to her. Compliments or words of support are also necessary to show them your affection;
  • Always pay bills in restaurants. Men pay for dates in Moldova, so be ready to follow their conduct in this part. Chivalry is popular in many Eastern European countries, and if you want to succeed in dating women through a Moldova marriage agency, keep it in mind;
  • Avoid intimate topics until she starts them first. Moldovan women don’t rush to have sex when dating men, either shouldn’t be you;
  • Stick to the oath of fidelity even in online dating. As we already noted, commitment is very important for Moldovan girls. Even your Moldova brides agency will likely emphasize it before you meet any woman with them;
  • Don't show bad habits like smoking or drinking. These are the features Moldovan ladies don’t like about men, so better get rid of them before dating;
  • Show your love for kids. Family and children are very important for girls from Moldova, that’s why they’re looking for men who share these values. If the family is your priority as well, be sure to let them know that.

Girls in Moldova are enviable brides for men across the globe as they combine a gorgeous look and intelligence. These ladies don't take household chores and cooking as a duty, becoming loving mothers and attentive spouses. Dreaming of a big wedding with tasty dishes and live music, Moldovan women want to find a compatible husband overseas. Join a reputable overseas dating website and conquer the heart of a desirable Moldova girlfriend!

Moldova Brides F.A.Q.

Are Moldovan women good wives?

Yes, they are! Moldovan brides are caring, smart, and supportive of their family members. They are ready to put their family at the top of their priorities and do their best for their husbands′ and kids′ good.

Are Moldovan women loyal?

Yes, they are. Moldovan mail order brides don′t cheat on their partners and stick to their partners for years. Once they get married, they believe that they′ll spend the rest of their lives with their husbands.

How much are Moldovan brides?

The price for getting married to a Moldovan bride depends on the country where you′re going to do that, travel expenses, venue, etc. The average price of a wedding in the US is about $29.000, while wedding prices in Moldova start at $1.000 and can go up to a few thousand dollars as well.