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Beautiful Thai Mail Order Brides: Buy A Thai Bride Online

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

Recent reports show that the percent of marriages between Thai women and foreign men is growing and the success rate is of marriages involving a Thai bride and American man close to 80%. We have analyzed recent official statistics, conducted interviews with couples to get the most updated information for our readers.

If you're willing to find a Thai mail order bride but don't know where to start, read on to discover all the necessary info from out relationship experts.

Thai Brides Statistics

👭 Female population of Thailand35.7 mln
❤️ Thai brides on dating sitesOver 55,000
👩 Average marriage age of Thai girls21
🌐 Thai women speak English27%

Who are Thai mail order brides?

Thai brides are women searching for foreign partners on international dating sites and who are interested in serious relationships and focused on creating a family. Those Thai girls don't mind moving to another country and living in the homeland of a husband. However, you can still meet ladies just to flirt or communicate. They're friendly and easy-going, so finding a potential girlfriend is a matter of time.

Selected Thai Brides Profiles
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Beijing, China
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Business owner
Hangzhou, China
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Almaty, Kazakhstan
For years, the term of mail order brides was surrounded by myths. Some say that these ladies are interested only in rich foreign men, while others insist that they don't even speak English. No doubt that such stories may occur, but you should remember that the success rate of international marriages is really high. Moreover, language knowledge issues are easily resolved because most agencies offer translation services. - Paul Sanders

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What Makes Thai Brides So Fascinating?

Here are the main factors that make Thai girls for marriage so beautiful and attractive.

Thai girls are beautiful

With a charming smile, a die for body, beautiful face, and petite figure, beautiful Thai women stand out from the rest of the womenfolk. They're gracious, gorgeous, and attentive to their looks. Thai girls are feminine both in appearance and actions, as the majority of Asian brides. At whatever level you find a Thai lady, she takes care of herself and is attractive! A show stopper and head turner are great attributes to qualify Thai women even in their simplicity. With the right dose of sex appeal, hot in and out of the bedroom, a Thai bride is a complete package of cute and sexy.


Thai women are strong

Thailand women for sale are an excellent blend of feminine and hard work. Any Thai woman you meet sets a balance between her homefront and workplace. Irrespective of her femininity, she's bold, confident, ambitious, and doesn't care about any judgement from somewhat conservative Thai society. She would stop at nothing to make her family comfortable. Thai culture demands a young Thai woman to take care of her family as ladies there are more valuable than men. For this reason, necessity is laid on them to provide for their parents' family.

Thai wives are family oriented

She has a strong sense of family, isn't that amazing? In a world with an increasing rate of marriage failure and divorce, you want to get yourself the one who would hold tight to family values irrespective of oppositions and challenges. That is why Thai women are among the most desirable mail order wives.

The Thai wife goes extra for her family, she holds the forte. She's ready to sacrifice her career for family, no shared authority, no shared gender roles. You can trust that your Thai mail order bride would make good mothers and wives. Her focus is to build a great family. Of course, you can be sure of homemade cooked meals and fewer eat outs. She saves your money.


Things To Know About Thai Girl’s Personality

Thailand girls for marriage are trained to be healthy and solve issues with maturity and politeness behind their smile. In Thai culture, a smile signifies kindness and reason — it's either approving and disapproving. Thai bride would avoid any public display of emotion. Therefore, she has a ready smile for every situation. It's left to you to discern the meaning behind her smile.

thai girl for marriage

Thai ladies are conversant with the Western life

Settling down poses no issue for your bride in your country because Thai singles are already acquainted with the foreign culture. With the advent of social media, it's common for a Thai lady to follow events and trends. These days, as many Thai women want to marry foreigners, they are learning to speak proper English.

Thai brides value family

A Thai woman is expected to take care of her family, and she loves to do it too. It should be no surprise to you if she transfers money back home even after she's married to you. If you're marrying a Thai lady, then it's your responsibility to join her in taking care of her family. This would mean a great deal to her!

These singles are submissive

Submissiveness is one of the main traits of Thailand brides, which positively impacts relationships. Willing to build a stable connection, choose such a partner. She never responds to a raised voice with the same volume or aggression. This girl is taught to be polite and keep silent not to lose face. Of course, her modesty doesn't allow a man to disrespect her. Every time you say something, think about her feelings and preferences.

Thailand brides try to stay positive no matter what

Foreigners consider Thailand ladies for marriage happy and welcoming due to their charming smiles. Their country is well-known as the Land of Smiles! However, it doesn't always mean happiness, and sometimes ladies use them to hide problems. Even in difficult times, they stay hospitable, attentive, and caring, but the smile on your girl's face may not be what you think.

Thai ladies are relaxed

Having no worries is one of the main rules of Thai women willing to marry. These ladies are known for a laid-back lifestyle and a positive attitude to life. Your dates will be free from stress and negative emotions because this partner doesn't show anger in public. She always finds a common ground and good sides in everything. With this spouse, family life will be harmonious, cloudless, and pleasant.


How to get a Thai bride

Distance is no longer a problem for love-seekers. With fully-equipped chat rooms and smooth video connection, international dating platforms made it possible to find your soulmate overseas. You only have to try all offered features to boost your experience - Dominic Carroll

In theory, there's nothing hard about getting Thai mail order brides. You just need to follow the steps presented below:

  • Find a reliable dating site. According to the survey, 38% of local respondents use such apps to meet new people, so you'll definitely find someone interesting online. To identify a credible platform and get acquainted with Thai girls, read reviews, compare prices, check features, and make sure whether profile quality is excellent.
  • Sign up. Usually, you only need to provide basic details, including your gender, name, age, and email address. Some Thai mailorder bride websites offer new members to answer a short questionnaire.
  • Create a profile. Provide information about your personal traits, physical appearance, interests, occupation, etc. The more details you'll provide, the more chances to attract charming Thai girls you'll have.
  • Use search filters. If you like women of a specific type, pick appropriate parameters, and platform algorithms will create a list of potential matches.
  • Communicate with Thailand mail order brides. The best sites have a range of interesting interaction features, including live chat, mail, video connection, and call services.
  • Visit your girlfriend. If you're looking for a serious relationship, you won't resist the desire to have a real meeting with your sweetheart. Find out whether your dating service helps men arrange their trips or organize everything on your own.
  • Help her get a K-1 visa. Once you find a Thailand woman to marry, you'll have to file a Form I-129F to bring her to the USA.

No one knows for how long you'll look for a potential wife online, but you'll need to be patient, and everything will work out.

How to avoid Thai brides scams

To protect yourself in the world of online dating, you should learn to recognize and avoid mail order bride scams. Use these tips when seeking Thai women for marriage:

  • Slow down. Fraudsters often use men's feelings to get their money. When a girl says how special you're to her within a few days after getting acquainted with you, don't trust her.
  • Refuse to help financially. If you use dating sites to meet Thai brides and someone asks you to send a few hundred or thousands of dollars, never do this. Don't believe in all those stories about ill parents or the death of a relative.
  • Stay on the platform. Thai mail order wives websites have strong data protection systems. In case you agree to start using another messenger or service, a scammer will quickly get your personal information.
  • Don't click the received links. When searching for Thailand brides, you shouldn't open strange pages. There can be hidden a malware code that is used for infecting members' devices with viruses and getting their data.
  • Never share your financial details. Anything may be the instrument for stealing your money.
  • Check the identity of mail order Thai brides. The easiest way to find out whether the person is real is by visiting their social media profiles.
  • Pay attention to grammar and spelling. Poor text quality is often a sign that someone tries to cheat you.

By the way, remember that Thai girls aren't for sale, so international dating sites are legal and safe. You only have to be careful with fraudsters. Chances are you'll never meet one.

What masculine traits do Thai brides value?


It would seem challenging to reveal Asian brides' souls. You may have no idea what a perfect guy should be to win the heart of a Thai wife. Here’s a list of several male traits that drive all Asian girls crazy. Having at least half of them can guarantee you success among the Bangkok women, who are eager to marry overseas guys.

Care and attention

Any Thai mail order bride wants a man to take care of her. As for any woman it’s important to receive attention and interest from her chosen one. For a girl, it’s a sign of a good father for future kids.


A man should be able to make a decision based on what’s best for him and his Thai mail order wife. Women usually don’t like to be dominant in relationships and leave the last word to the man. Active young guys attract women like a magnet.


It's not just about material well-being. Some bachelors aren’t ready to share their thoughts and emotions with their beloved, as they’re sure this is not about true men. Generosity can also mean the joy of showing feelings and love.


Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee that the beginning of a relationship is the love of a lifetime. Yet, a Thai woman for marriage is more likely to believe in love with a reliable man than being with someone who’s not self-assured.

Good manners

This trait is especially in demand today. There are a few gentlemen who follow the rules of etiquette and they have a clear advantage.


The romantic man is a real gift for Thai wives who may suffer from their pragmatic local suitors. If an Asian lady finds such a gentle guy, she’ll be the happiest in the world.

Sense of humor

A good joke is the best way to melt a lady’s heart but don't go overboard. Thailand mail order brides don’t take buffoons seriously. Still, according to Asian girls, a good sense of humor is a sign of high intelligence.

How to Attract a Thailand Mail Order Bride?

Knowing what makes a Thai mail order bride unique, how then do you make a Thai woman like you? There are a few things you need to get right, and you would realize getting a Thai bride isn't a tall order. A courtship for Thai women seeking men is an exciting and important thing to do since making a great first impression on them is even more important than the rest of the dates you're about to have together.


Know her culture

Have you found yourself a Thai mail order bride you like? Then your first step to knowing her is to learn about her culture. This is equivalent to getting her attention. Thai ladies are known to hold their culture in high esteem. You want her to feel special, then you should put in the evident effort. For instance, learn about the language (this may take a little time), dressing, dishes, and religion.

Be a gentleman

Make her feel comfortable around you. Do not be self-imposing or all over her but give her time to make her own decisions. Remember that Thai girls are very traditional and cultural and would likely want to follow due process. Be respectful. Do not assume friendship where there is none. Let the chemistry unfold itself. Yes, it's alright to be excited, so let this plot unfold naturally.

Mind your manners

Do not treat her based on foreknowledge (not all Thai ladies are hookers) but get to know and respect her. Note that in Thai culture, it's considered rude to show emotions in public. Thus, your Thailand mail order bride, if traditional, can be very conservative. Sexual advances on first dates would be a good idea. Because language and cultural differences could cause friction and miscommunication, be careful of your language use.

Love your Thai woman

Every Thai girl is ready to commit all her life to you if you give her all the love she deserves. She's not all about the money. Thai bride believes in working for her own money. Treat her right. Get her gifts and remember that it's first the thought behind the present before the gift itself. Show her that she has got your world and attention.

Meet her family

Thai women are particular about family life. It's of utmost priority for you to meet her family if you're considering long-term relations.

Finding the right Thai mail order bride just got easier with these tips above. Check out our exclusive list of mail order brides from Thailand and begin your adventure!

Don't speak about finances

Thai brides available on dating websites looking for a reliable and loving husband, but not a provider. They don't appreciate guys talking about money and their financial success. These women aren't fascinated with the idea of marrying a wealthy foreigner, so don't try to impress a local lady with your salary. Instead of talking about it, show admiration, respect, and readiness to start a serious romance. It helps to gain more trust and attention from a desirable lady!

Be sincere with Thai brides

Thai girl for marriage is honest and straightforward, so she expects you to behave in the same way. Agreeing to something, she makes her own choice and accepts it. Such a partner doesn't play love games and directly knows what she wants. When a lady refuses to meet a man, the best variant is to stop. But if she stays with you, she's sincere with herself. Willing to have a long-lasting relationship with a Thai wife for sale, show your true intentions and plans for the future. Don't try to seem like somebody else because an ideal affair leading to marriage is possible to start only with truth.

Avoid flirting

Mail order wives from Thailand wanting to find a man from the USA take dating seriously. They aren't interested in one-night stands, so some Western approaches won't operate. To attract such a partner, being too flirty isn't a good idea. Show your serious attitude and prove she's special for you.

How much does a Thai bride cost?

The mail order bride prices can differ due to various reasons. Thai bride price depends on your budget and willingness to have a big, great wedding or a quiet one just with the family, what hotel you're staying at, and what gifts you get your Thai girlfriend. So how much does a Thai bride cost? Speaking of the average price list for getting mail order wives from Thailand to USA, you might at least expect the following expenses:

  • Matchmaking services on mail order bride websites (including translation, communication, support, and search tools). Various membership types, gift orders, and various tools will cost at least $700 per month.
  • Bride's dowry. Some families may demand some compensation for taking their beloved daughters from them. This may cost from around $2K to $10K. Beware that you might be asked for a higher "rate" since you're a foreigner.
  • Visa costs. A fiancee visa and an Immigration service fee will cost around $800, but a travel visa for you will be free (you won't need it).
  • Accommodation and flights will be around $2K-$2.2K for a round trip and a nice hotel.
  • Date costs, like food, gifts, and entertainment, will cost you about $1.5K per week, but it could be less or more depending on what and how many presents and restaurants you'll be choosing.
  • Wedding costs are starting at $30K for a nice, fancy wedding with a medium number of guests.

So, it's all up to you, as how much is a Thai bride is just the question of your budget expectations and abilities. Get ready to spend over $14K on dating, flight, and registering your marriage, and if everything goes right, a little fortune on your wedding. Sure, it presupposes some good financial management, but if you're in love, it's just a bunch of digits.

Success Stories With Thai Brides

Luke and Nalin

from EasternHoneys.com

I was always fond of Asian girls, but I didn't have an opportunity to meet one in real life. So, I found a popular dating app and registered. Then, I got acquainted with Nalin, and she stole my heart away. I never met such a pretty, wise woman.

We decided to have a little getaway. I came to Thailand and spent a wonderful week at a local resort with Nalin. Our next vacation will be somewhere in Europe because we want to travel a little. I hope it will be as romantic as the time we had in Thailand.

Peter and Thanida

from TheLuckyDate.com

As a shy girl, I felt anxious when making new friends. That's why I began using a dating app. In a month or so, I received a message from Peter. He was really funny and interesting. We kept communicating through that platform but soon decided to meet in person.

He came to my hometown, and we had a couple of wonderful dates. We had a feeling as if we knew each other for ages. I told him a lot about my culture and showed him the best places. Of course, I miss him a lot, but he says he's preparing something special for me, so I'm waiting.

Ready to meet your perfect Thai wife?

It's not that difficult to find a wife in Thailand and get married, but it sure requires some patience and determination. Your Thai fiance will be all loving and caring, and you'll never remember what being unhappy is. If you're ready to have a life full of adventures, warmth, and great memories, finding love in Thailand is the best thing to do. Good luck searching for your true love with Thai ladies for marriage!

💡 Interesting Facts About Thailand

  • In Thai language, the country name sounds Prathet Thai, meaning land of the free.
  • Thailand prides its forests and logging is banned by the government.
  • Thailand is the land of temples, about 35,000.
  • The national flower is an orchid, with more than 1,500 species.
  • It’s home to Siamese cats.
  • In Thailand, it’s unacceptable to touch someone on the head, which is a sign of disrespect.
  • The country is also known to have more than 1,000 islands.
  • In Thailand, you won’t be allowed to drive without a shirt on you.
  • Thailand is the major exporter of rice, and it’s not surprising that major dishes in the country are made of rice.


How much does a Thai bride cost?

Depending on your budget expectations and willingness to spend more on your girl, your Thai bride price may vary between $10K and $15K. This figure varies due to flight fares, hotel room choice, and what restaurants you're going to take your girl to. Sometimes, a Thai family may want you to pay compensation for taking their daughter away, and its price can be over $1,5K. Plus, this price includes gifts and entertainment like going to cinemas, theatre, doing extreme sports, etc. If everything goes well, you'll also need to spend for the wedding, which may cost you around $30K-$80K on average.

Are Thai wives faithful?

Thai women don't cheat and consider it a terrible sin. Thai women can be somewhat conservative, hence they don't even think of seeing other men on the side. They do have male friends who appreciate their choices and relationships. If a Thai lady is really in love with a man, she won't be even thinking about leaving him.

Do Thai women marry foreigners?

Sure! It's easy for them to marry a foreigner. There are no special or strict guidelines if, for instance, an American man wants to marry a girl from Thailand. A bride will need to apply for a K3 marriage visa to move with you to America, and if all the applications and guidelines are followed properly, your wife will be able to stay there with you for 2 years. After that, you'll need to renew it.