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Mexican Brides

Mexican Mail Order Brides - Take the Chance To Find A Mexican Wife

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

Mexican mail order brides looking for foreign partners can be found online nowadays. Western men pick Mexican women for marriage even more often than you think. They're among the most popular foreign spouses, according to the number of K-1 visas issued annually.

But do such relationships work? And how much does it really cost to get a Mexican wife? This article is based on careful research and the most important data about Mexican brides, so keep on reading to know everything about them!

Who are Mexican mail order brides?

Mexican mail order brides are real Mexican women seeking love with western men on popular dating sites. These ladies are mainly focused on starting a family and want to marry in the near future. They may have different reasons to look for a potential husband varying from case to case. However, the common one is that all of them are interested in finding love, not a financial sponsor or an opportunity to get a Green card.

Mexican females are known to make wonderful wives. So, if you want a meaningful commitment, you need to learn how to impress a Mexican woman and build strong relationships with her.

Mexican Women Profiles
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Medellín, Colombia

Recent statistics on Mexican brides

👭 Mexico female population:63.3 million
💸 Avg. Mexican Bride Cost:$6,000-14,000
👩 Average age:25-34
🌎 Popular Mexican bride's cities:Mexico City, Tijuana, Guadalajara, Cancun
❤️ Meet Mexican Women At:LaDate.com
🌐 Mexican women speak English:12.90%

International marriages with Mexican mail order wives are pretty common in the USA. That's because local women are mostly interested in serious relationships with western men. Let's take a look at the existing statistics uncovering more intriguing information about Mexican brides:

  • According to the statistics over 1,600 K-1 visas were issued to Mexican girls in 2019. In 2020, the number of foreign partners entering the USA decreased to 1,000. But in 2021, the index started to grow again as more than 1,300 went to America to register their relationships officially. Now, we're waiting for some fresh data reports about 2022 from the Bureau of Consular Affairs.
  • The divorce rate in Mexico increased from 8.6 per 100 marriages in 2001 to 27.6 in 2021. Anyhow, it's not that large compared to many other countries. Couples might have had different reasons to get separated.
  • In 2020, the total amount of marriages in this country reached 335,563. The number is lower than in 2019 because there were 500,000 newlyweds that year. However, it doesn't mean that local women don't want to start a family. That's because many singles are still looking for their soulmates.
  • The average marriage age of Mexican mail order wives is 30 years. However, another research tells us about the age of 26. Notwithstanding, you may find even younger girls searching for potential life partners on a dating site.

As you can see, a young Mexican bride is focused on a deep, meaningful relationship. The decrease in the number of marriages in Mexico may be a sign that many ladies switched from seeking local boyfriends to western guys. Therefore, you have an excellent chance to get a wife from this country.

TOP Mexican Brides And Dates Sites 🇲🇽

To our point of view this is the list of the best sites to date Mexican women.

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How much do Mexican mail order wives cost?

The main thing you've got to remember is that you can't buy a Mexican wife because a woman can't be compared to a product that is bought online. Moreover, international dating sites are as far from human trafficking as the Sun from Earth. However, if you want to find a Mexican girlfriend, you have to know how much is a mail order spouse because the entire process involves certain expenses. Typically, men pay for using online dating services, visiting their beautiful Mexican women, getting them a K-1 visa, etc.

Below, you'll find approximate prices that will help you figure out what sum you'll have to prepare to get a Mexican wife online:

  • Using dating sites. The best international mail order bride platforms have fee-based and paid features. To enjoy communication with Mexican brides and virtual love search in general, you'll spend around $200 monthly.
  • Visiting your sweetheart in Mexico. You'll have to get to know each other better and have that sweet romantic period every couple loves so much. A 14-day trip to see your Mexican mail order bride, including flights, accommodation, dining out, and entertainment costs nearly $1,900.
  • Getting her a K-1 visa. Application and processing fees make $800, but there may be additional expenses, like a medical examination.
  • Wedding. The average cost in the USA is $29,000. However, it's up to you which services to use or not to use. Moreover, a budget celebration of love with one of the prettiest Latin women may be no more than $10,000.

The total Mexican bride cost is around $14,000 considering that using an online dating service may take around 6 months. Of course, you should be ready to spend a little more because you'll also have to think of the courtship period and some extra expenses.


How to find a Mexican woman for marriage?

If you're interested in meeting real Mexican brides, it's not necessary to go to Mexico City or Playa del Carmen over and over again. You can meet a perfect match on the best mail order bride websites. It's not rocket science, but the following strategy was created considering the main factors in dating Mexican women online:

  1. Monitor the niche. Check websites specializing in connecting foreign guys and Mexican girls. It's necessary to find more information about the dating site, its reputation, and how it works.
  2. Read reviews. Discover more about the experience of users and experts on particular Mexican dating sites. Consider success stories and general impressions connected with dating services.
  3. Register online. Signing up is free on most Mexican dating websites, so you can become a member just to research a little. Make sure whether navigation is convenient for you, look at the profile quality, and discover which features are offered to users.
  4. Create a personal profile. Answer questions about yourself, such as your interests, physical appearance, traits, occupation, etc. And the main photo where you look your best will be the magnet for single Mexican ladies.
  5. Narrow your search. If you want to find a Mexican wife meeting your preferences, you may pick those parameters. For example, set up the age range, interests, or even specify some features of women's looks to meet the Mexican girl of your dreams.
  6. Communicate with single Mexican women. Professional platforms offer a range of interesting interaction tools, from messenger to video chat. When searching for hot Mexican brides from Latin America, try different features to figure out which one meets your needs.
  7. Visit your future Mexican wife. Meet each other in person and have real dates to enjoy an important romantic period and develop a long-distance relationship with your Latin woman.
  8. Have a beautiful wedding. You'll have to help your Mexico mail order bride with a K-1 visa and organization of the big day. That may take some time, but be patient, and soon, you'll start a family with the most beautiful Mexican girl ever!

There's no guarantee that you'll quickly find a potential wife among brides from Mexico. But this scenario really works as it's based on the experiences of ordinary men who have already come it through. Just give it a try!


Reasons why Mexican women become mail order brides

Most Mexican brides are focused on marrying foreign men and creating a family. However, they have different reasons to seek partners abroad. According to the research, Mexican mail order brides looking for American men on online dating sites have the following motivations:

  • Better opportunities for starting a new chapter in their lives. Many local girls know what poverty is as they grew up in such conditions. Unfortunately, a large number of people are struggling to earn enough money to stay afloat. Mexican women for marriage want to have more satisfying conditions for building a family and raising kids.
  • High violence rate against females. An average Mexican girl just strives to escape the severe reality in her homeland. The statistics present horrifying results showing that 70% of ladies living here faced some type of violence. The USA offers higher safety levels in general and Mexican women seeking American men hope for a better attitude. They believe that they'll feel secure with an overseas partner.
  • Dream of finding a reliable husband. A Mexican bride strives to meet a credible guy who would love and take care of her unconditionally. Many ladies are disappointed by local boyfriends, and that's why they have to search for someone worthy outside of their country.

Whatever the reason is, Mexican wives are a wonderful choice for marriage and they're really popular among foreign men.


How to understand that a Mexican bride is for you?

If you feel this way, it means that a relationship with a Mexican girl is what you need and you'll be a match made in heaven with her:

  • You want to have much passion and romance with your partner. Hot Mexican women are ready to demonstrate how much they love their men unlimitedly.
  • Family traditions are important for you. In case gatherings around a big table on holidays and different celebrations are a routine for you, getting a local wife is the best choice. Pick Mexican brides for marriage, and your life will be filled with different customs and home parties.
  • You strive to have a spouse you can always rely on. Mexican girls are responsible, faithful, and supportive, so you'll always have a good companion.
  • Unconditional trust is what you look for. A Mexican mail order wife will never give you a reason to be suspected of cheating on you or lying.
  • You desire to let some adventures in your life. When you meet Mexican brides, you'll see how active and sociable they are, so a relationship with a local girl will be full of new experiences.
  • You wish to feel appreciated. Mexican women looking for American men treat their husbands with special gratitude and respect, and therefore you'll never feel underestimated.

Mexican women seeking marriage are an excellent option for guys thinking that the mentioned points are a sign of a perfect relationship. Choose a beautiful Latin mail order bride among them, and you'll be really happy!

How to avoid Mexican bride scams?

Unfortunately, there're still fraudsters who try to use singles' feelings for their purposes. Although a professional Mexican marriage agency does its best to protect love seekers, it's important to know the most common online dating scams to avoid many problems:

  • Financial support. When you get a message from a Mexican woman asking you to help her with money, never ever send her that money. Even if she promises to buy a ticket and come to you, remember that it's a lie.
  • Blackmailing. Normally, you might like to go further in your relationship with a Mexican bride online and switch to intimate communication. But you should think about doing some private stuff for a camera only if you know her for a long time and trust her. If you got acquainted a few days ago, don't give that person any content that can be used for getting money from you.
  • Harmful links. Chatting with Mexican mail order women may be spoiled by fraudsters asking to visit particular websites. Usually, people are redirected to platforms filled with spam. Their devices are infected by viruses, while scammers easily get their personal data using malware code.
  • Contact details. When you meet Mexican brides, it's better to stay on an online dating site. If a fraudster gets your phone number or email connected with your financial information, they'll access your money.

These tips are developed by online dating industry experts and are based on information concerning romance scams published by the Federal Trade Commission and FBI. The recommendations are effective for those seeking mail order wives. So, be careful, and your online dating experience will be flawless.

What Are Mail Order Mexican Brides Like?

Flexibility doesn't just stand alone but goes hand in hand with other things. As a result, brides from Mexico also have the following characteristics:

Mexican brides are teachable

These Latin American brides are diligent and never shy away from asking for help. They're open to learning new ways to do things. They don't get stuck with having a myopic view but are always open to seeing the big picture. Although humility is their more prominent attribute, being teachable sometimes comes as icing on the cake.

Mexican women are not selfish

One vital thing about the Mexican mail order brides is that they aren't greedy. They can agree on a compromise if you can't agree on something. Local mail order wives know how to share and sacrifice their own time and interests for the sake of someone they love. Taking a Mexican bride for marriage exposes you to boundless love as they're extremely caring and sincere and never think of their own benefits.

Mexican mail order brides are close to their parents

Single Mexican women have a special bond with their moms and dads. Even being happily married, they always keep in touch with their relatives. They respect their opinion and always help in difficult situations. Also, when these ladies create their families, they take their parents as an example.

Mexican brides are emotional

Mexican women seeking marriage don't hide their emotions and real attitude to different things and people. Thanks to it, they're easy to understand. Your Mexican girl always shares her thoughts and feelings, saying everything she wants. With a Mexican mail order bride, you don't try to guess the reasons for her bad mood. Forget about love games and make the right decision.

Mexican wives aren't career focused

Mexican mail order brides come from a society where women always put a family in the first place. It doesn't mean they're not ambitious. These ladies can achieve professional success, but it can't replace the happiness of being a wife of a kind foreign man. If you search for Mexican brides online, make sure you get a family-oriented partner who becomes an ideal housewife. The mail order brides success rate proves that men worldwide become happy with these women who create a real love nest for them.

Pros and cons of getting a Mexican wife

You'll have a beautiful, sexy spouseA Mexican spouse can be loud as it's a part of her expressive nature
Your Mexican wife will support your decisions and help you get through hard timesYou'll hear lots of rumors from her
Family life will never turn into a routine due to her adventurous natureArguing may be complicated because Mexican females are sure that they're always right
She'll cook the most delicious dishes for youGirls from Mexico are rather demanding, so your wife will expect you to move mountains for her
Even if you make a mistake, your Mexican partner will forgive you
Your Mexican woman will take care of your parents and make friends with your siblings
She'll take your needs into account when making decisions
Your Mexican sweetheart will make you feel special with her attitude
She'll never betray you
You and your lady will spend much time together

Mexican women VS American women


When you meet Mexican mail order brides, you'll notice the difference between them and American women. Ladies from this country are more open, expressive, and easygoing. They know how to enjoy life to the fullest and get anything they want. Mexican females are focused on serious relationships and don't want to waste their time on meaningless dating. Moreover, they'll never put a career first. Girls from Mexico dream of having a family and raising kids. Of course, it doesn't mean that they don't have ambitions. They just perfectly balance between those spheres.

No doubt that Western women have many wonderful characteristics. However, compared to Mexican ladies, they seem less charismatic and adventurous. They're so independent and strong that a man can find it hard to capture a girl's heart. Additionally, with a spouse from Mexico, you'll always find a funny topic to laugh at or get involved in interesting activities. Moreover, Mexican wedding traditions are rich and festive, which means that your family life will be exciting from the start.

How do Mexican brides communicate?

Once you get closer to Mexican ladies for marriage, your communication and greetings become warmer. These ladies tend to use a kiss on the right cheek when they meet a close friend or a beloved. Foreigners may notice a variety of friendly verbal greetings like "‎Buenos dias"‎ (good day), "‎Buenas tardes"‎ (good afternoon), or "‎Buenas noches"‎ (good evening/night). Also, men admit casual greetings such as "‎Hola"‎ (Hello), "‎¿Qué tal?"‎ (What's up?) or "‎¿Cómo estás?"‎ (How are you?). These ladies are very welcoming and greet even people on the streets they don't know.

One of the most important means of communication between Mexican women for marriage and their fellow citizens is body language. They even use it while dancing. It's true: some moves mean "I want to make love with you," "don't touch me," and so on. Some moves reflect their inner state, feelings, and current wishes. Plus, girls in Cancun and basically any other city avidly use gestures to show how important, stupid, or brilliant your or their thoughts are.

And sure, you can't forget about social media when you talk about any Mexican woman for marriage. They can't live without posting all their life moments on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. Girls love sharing pictures and videos from last night's party or selfies with their partners. Be active on social media; like, comment, and share something all the time to attract a Hispanic woman.

What kind of men men do Mexican mail order wives like?

  • They love men showing superiority, not rudeness. Mexican men often behave rudely, following the machismo pattern. Nothing disgusts local women more than aggression and the inability to control emotions. So Mexican singles adore self-confident men who know what they want and rule their life. When guys want to find a Mexican bride and succeed in dating, they should choose light topics for discussions and demonstrate their leadership. Willing to put a spell on Mexican women for marriage, be clear in your intentions, show dominance, but don't behave like an abuser. Avoid criticizing and teaching her even when she has mistakes in something. Advise only when a beloved needs and asks for it.
  • Mexican ladies appreciate guys adoring children. Mexican brides come from traditional families with many kids. In her society, family values play an essential role in daily life. It's difficult to meet a girl without dreaming of a big friendly family, gatherings, jokes, kids, and relatives. Mexican girls are attached to open and friendly men. These ladies tend to be incredibly welcoming to family members and friends. Such a girl values a man who is open-hearted to her nearest and dearest people.
  • Mexican girls are attached to open and friendly men. These ladies tend to be incredibly welcoming to family members and friends on the fundament of small social connections. Such a girl values a man who is open-hearted to her nearest and dearest people. To attract Mexican brides for sale, be open to friends and relatives of your soulmate. Visiting her, offer your help with domestic duties or simple tasks whenever it's possible. While dining, share stories from your area, home, friends, and family. Mexicans adore foreigners telling tales and jokes.

Mexican ladies for marriage are a perfect mix of extreme passion, wit, and just stunning beauty, and looking for a Mexican wife is rather exciting than tough or complicated. If you're about to engage in a foreign affair and want to make it as bright as you can think of, pick up Mexican girls for marriage.

And yes, there's no best place to find a wife in Mexico—anywhere you go, you might meet the perfect woman who'll mean the world to you, so don't get distracted and always look forward. This will be an exciting road!

Author's conclusion

Picking Mexican women to marry can't be a bad idea because they possess essential features making them excellent life companions. Once you get a Mexican bride, you'll access a never ending resource of romance and love. Moreover, nowadays, it's easy as pie to meet a girlfriend from this country as you can search for Mexican brides online.

Experts' opinion

👤Dominic Carroll:

I communicated with many Mexican women and can say that each word about ladies from this country is true. They're super friendly, sociable, and attractive. As partners, Mexican women shower men with their love. So, if a man strives to be adored, valued, and taken care of, he definitely should consider local females.

👤Kim Evazians:

I'd like to add that a Mexican mail order bride quickly adapts and accepts the rules of another culture. In fact, many girls move to the USA and have no problem getting used to a new environment. In 2019, there were over 10 million Mexican-born immigrants in America, so joining a partner in his country won't be a problem for a local lady.

💡 Interesting Facts About Mexico

  • Family units are usually big, with classical gender roles and extensive family involvement from the external members who assist one another in day to day life. There's a strong bond between family members.
  • Mexican women love dressing up and wearing makeup. They can hardly allow themselves to go out looking bad. Appearances matter a lot in the country. Plus, they love experimenting with their looks and come up with extraordinary makeup patterns.
  • Mexican food culture is not only mouthwatering, but it is also officially recognized as a piece of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
  • Most Mexicans are mestizos, which means they have a mix of Indian and Spanish blood. But they're also greatly influenced by neighboring America.

Mexican Brides F.A.Q.

How much is a mail order bride from Mexico?

If you take into account all expenses, including the wedding arrangements, you might expect mexican mail order bride price may reach up to $20 000-$90,000 depending in personal pereferences. This amount includes:

  • Flight and accommodation expenses.
  • Mail order bride website services including translators, communication tools, gift orders, etc.
  • Entertainment and gifts during dates, including restaurant bills and tips.
  • Visa applications, immigration documents.
  • Planning and organizing a wedding.

The final price can vary depending on your budget. You may save on gifts but take your date to the most exquisite restaurants or take her traveling with you. Plan your expenditures accordingly anyway to avoid uncontrollable costs.

Is Mexico a good place to find a wife?

Definitely, it is. If you have this inner spark and energy to be always up for a new adventure, then it's the right place for you. Local women don't like dull and lazy guys who never go out and just sit at home after work. If you want to become part of the big Hispanic family and meet someone there, you should become exactly like the locals.

What is the role of a Mexican wife?

Mexican women, although energetic, hot-blooded, and argumentative at times, are somewhat submissive. When they find a perfect man, Mexican brides want to show they can obey and keep their wild side on hold. Hence, the role of a Mexican woman is looking after the house and kids, making it feel like home but still bringing some spark to it. A typical Mexican wife is also a hard worker who combines office jobs and looking after kids, which they do perfectly.

Can religion affect your relationship with a Mexican mail order bride?

When men get acquainted with Mexican brides online, they can be sure these ladies are friendly to guys regardless of their religion. The Roman Catholic Church is the most widespread religion in Mexico, while Evangelicalism is the second most popular faith. Over 13% of citizens refer to atheists or agnostics. Nevertheless, if you belong to another religion, it won't ruin the harmonious relationship with a Mexican girl.

Do Mexican women make good wives?

A Mexican girl is a perfect option for marriage because she's loyal and understanding. For her, it's important to keep harmony and trust in her relationship. That's why a wife from Mexico always strives to find a compromise and a way out of a complicated situation. She masterfully resolves issues and achieves a peaceful atmosphere inside her family.