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Philippine Mail Order Bride

Filipina Mail Order Brides: Steps To Find a Filipino Bride Online

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

Western guys have a strong attraction to Philippines mail order brides. Every man has his own reasons for this. But the fact remains: Filipino brides have an admirable appearance, given by nature. Filipino women use almost no makeup, and their clothes are simple. Ladies are naturally dark, because they don't crave tanning.

Like most Asians, Philippines brides are short in stature. However, this fact makes their fragile and graceful figures a visit card. The slender legs of Filipino girls for marriage never leave men indifferent.

If the description of Filipino beauties hooks you that much so you can't help but get to know them, you're lucky! Now you can find out what's unique about Filipino women, why they're the best wives, and where you can meet and buy site membership for a bride from Philippines!

Filipino Brides Statistics

👭Female population of The Philippines:55.7 mln
👩 Filipina girls average marriage age:25.3
❤️Filipino brides on dating sites:Over 50,000
🌎 Speak English:58%

Probably, you'd like to know some interesting facts about marriages with girls from the Philippiness. Let's look at the Filipino mail order brides statistics:

  • In 2019, over 15,000 locals married partners from abroad. The percentage rate is 89% of foreign men and 10% of women. Notice, that most Filipino ladies picked Americans for marriage, which is 26%–the largest percentage among nationalities.
  • More than 7,000 fiancee visas were issued to women from the Phillipiness in 2019. There was a slight decrease in the number in 2020 due to Covid pandemic.
  • 65% of Filipinos living in America have a spouse.
  • In 2020, 40% of ladies between 25-29 years old were married in The Philippines.

As you can see, many young Filipino brides strive to have foreign husbands. Therefore, you may achieve success when seeking a local partner.

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Why do men like Filipina brides?

You may argue for a long time why Western men like Filipino women. Though, you won’t find a single answer as it’s the combination of qualities that make these mail order brides attractive to guys.


Fascinating look

The peculiarity of the appearance is a successful mixture of races. Checking on pretty mail order Filipino brides, you’ll see a variety of girls. Some look just like hot Spaniards, others are hard to distinguish from the Chinese, and in some you may see a passionate “African”. All mail order brides from Philippines take care of themselves to look seductive. After all, they hope to meet their fate as soon as possible, and a pleasant appearance catches any man’s eye.

Love for celebrations

The Philippines often hosts colorful and fun festivals. This is an unforgettable show, where you can at the same time see thousands of beauties in bright national costumes. Besides, Philippines mail order brides are entertainers. They can prank you but do that kindly and creatively. You never get bored with them, and you are guaranteed a high spirit. You’ll feel comfortable and have fun with a Filipina bride.

Faith in God

Filipinos are Catholics, but they’re interested in different religions. Moreover, something new sounds amusing to them. Being deep believers, they bring their children to churchl. It is very important for this culture to build kids’ upbringing on the Faith. In most cases, Philippine women seeking men raised in pious families, who didn’t have serious relationships before marriage. The reason is that a Filipino lady stays a virgin until the wedding. Any man dreams to be the first and last in his wife's bed.

Marriage for the right reason

Most women pick up their partners for money or physical appearance. Filipino bride marries for romance, love, and stability in life. Of course, some are looking for financial prosperity, but that's not about every girl. Filipino females don't mind the age gap as they look for adulthood in their husbands. These wise creatures get on well with reliable guys who give love, protection and confidence.


Сultural heritage

The upbringing of Westerners and Asians makes a huge difference. Mail order Filipino brides have been taught to respect their family members and keep the customs and traditions of their ancestors. They may go through hardships and develop new values that cannot be found in the Western world.

Strong English Proficiency

In the Philippines, English is one of the official languages. Filipina women have the best English skills in Asia. Therefore, you shouldn't be afraid of the language barrier or waste time learning the Filipino dialect.

The rational approach to money

Despite the stereotype that Filipino mail order brides are willing to marry wealthy males, Filipinos know how to handle money. Once married, a Filipina spends money only in the most necessary ways. They know the value of money and how to make it grow.

Excellent cooking skills

Philippines ladies looking for marriage are ready to demonstrate their culinary talent. She is going to impress you with the national dishes learned from childhood. Filipino cuisine is diverse. Your Filipino wife will have something to surprise you. After you get tired of Asian cuisine, it won't be complicated for a Filipina to learn how to cook other cuisines, including your favorite ones.

The desire to change the climate

Filipinas love snow. Many girls dream of living in a snowy country as they’re tired of the heat. A Filipina mail order bride doesn't mind flying to a cold country to put on a bunch of clothes just to enjoy the snow, skating rink, and other delights of the northern latitudes. But don't let it go too far— climate change can worsen the health of a southern body, so you should pay attention to this and not let your girlfriend get too cold.

Why are Philippines women seeking marriage abroad?


Filipino women looking for men have a full bunch of reasons to marry foreigners. If you come to visit the country, you'll see that most girls are mainly trying to:

Finally get away from poverty

Around 15-17% of all the Filipino population live below the poverty line. Women suffer from the bad economic situation even more as many of them get to stay at home and look after their families, which increases their expenses, leaving them with no money left for themselves. Finding a foreign husband will help Filipino girls stand firm on their feet and get a chance to find a well-paid job and live a happier life.

Domestic violence

Around 1,050 girls out of 10,000 have reported domestic abuse in 2020. This is a huge number for the Philippines, and the pandemic has caused these figures to rise. Local girls seek salvation in marrying foreigners since they're more civilized and tolerant towards women.

Willingness to see the world and get more life opportunities

Philippines mail order wives love adventures and exploring the world, but not all of them get the chance to see what living abroad is like. They lack opportunities for self-development, and many girls seek inspiration and motivation to work in a better place too. Having a foreign husband could open lots of promising chances for them and become a turning point in the lives of most Filipino brides.

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Where to look for Filipina mail order brides?

If you're ready to start your search for a perfect wife in the Philippines, here are some tips on where you can find them.


Philippines brides websites

Even if you're already in the country, it's better to test the water first and see how promising it is to look for a bride in the city you've landed in. Using mail order bride websites saves you time and effort to approach a girl somewhere in the city and get in touch with anyone you like instantly. Plus, it's a convenient way to arrange a meeting and have a few get-to-know-you calls or video chats to realize if a lady's a good fit for you.

Shopping malls and department stores

Filipino women looking for men are keen on shopping, both for themselves and their friends, relatives, and their homes. They love bright clothes, fancy accessories, and high-quality goods like bags, jewels, and perfume. Plus, they do love decorating their homes, so you'll always find a lot of women getting embroidered pillows, silver cutlery, or top-notch bed sheets all year round. A perfect place to help carry all those heavy bags and start a conversation about daily routine or help choose a perfect lawnmower.

Music festivals or local celebrations

Get the dates of the upcoming festivals in the Philippines to experience the true celebration of life and love with music, food, and positive emotions. It's a perfect chance to meet the most beautiful, hospitable, and fun-loving girls in one place. Dance till the break of dawn and try the tastiest treats made by one of them, and who knows, maybe she'll be the one?

Why are Philippines brides great life partners?

Lots of bachelors from the West dream of having a Filipino wife. Moreover, girls don't mind marrying a foreigner either. They aren't intimidated by the groom's financial problems or their age. Here are a few reasons why foreigners choose Filipino women.


Filipina wives are open to foreigners

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Filipino girls is that they are open to new experiences. They love to meet new people, especially foreigners. In Philippine society, marrying an American may bring the Filipina above their backgrounds. Active ladies don't mind having fun and learning new things. So, if you're looking for Filipina for marriage, you’ll definitely be pleased if you take the initiative.

They’re family-focused

A Filipina wants to feel her family's support around her. Without a husband and children, all achievements are meaningless. Only realizing herself as a wife and mother makes a lady from the Philippines reach her full potential. By sharing her energy with a spouse, a Filipina wife is full of confidence and determination. Therefore, finding harmony in the family is essential, which will be the ground for Filipina's new achievements.

Filipinas are against divorce

It’s an advantage that you should expect when marrying a Filipina. Asian beauties are strongly against divorce and try to avoid it by all means. They’re willing to do anything to keep their family together. A dutiful Filipino wife will obediently love her husband and take care of relationships.

They’re faithful

You don't have to worry your Filipino bride will look for a better partner. If she likes you, you can be sure that this lady will be loyal to you. As mentioned above, they value family greatly and want to belong to one man only.

A Filipina wife doesn't like aggression

Most women have a soft character, which makes them ideal for life together. That’s because they grew up in prosperous and wholesome families, where parents respect children and each other. Consequently, little girls turn into wise and restrained women. Does your friend talk about his family scandals with breaking dishes and intended insults? Don’t even think about it! If you get a Philippines girl for marriage, you’ll never know about these nightmares. She has an entirely different model of behavior in the family where aggression has no place.

Filipino women love sex

A Filipina woman is always ready to make love. She won’t complain she has a headache or is too tired. Ladies from the Philippines always feel the excitement and crave passion. Nothing gets in her way to experiment in sex: neither sickness nor lack of mood.

They love kids

Philippine women for marriage are never childfree. They don’t worry that pregnancy will spoil their figures. Many of them dream of giving birth to several babies. Some find their vocation in raising children, pleasing husbands, keeping the house in order, and cooking delicious meals.


How much is a mail order bride from Philippines?

In fact, you don't buy anyone as it's not about slavery and humiliation of human rights. There's also nothing in common with arranged marriages when men and women can't choose life partners. Getting a mail order bride just involves expenses connected with seeking a spouse overseas

No doubt that the most effective way to look for a local girlfriend is on an international dating site, but it's necessary to find out the cost to marry a Filipina. Check out the main expenses and approximate prices below:

  • Online dating. The monthly payment on a Filipino mail order bride platform usually varies between $120-$150. Of course, the final sum may depend on how much time you spend communicating with women, the courting period, the features of the service, etc.
  • Visiting your girlfriend. A Filipino bride cost will include traveling expenses. A 14-day trip costs around $2,000. This price includes flights, accommodation, meals, and entertainment for two.
  • Getting a K-1 visa. It will allow your Filipino girl to come to the USA and marry you. Application and filing fees make $800 in total. Notice that there can be additional expenses connected with receiving a visa.
  • Marriage license. The price varies by state and county and may start at $20 and rise up to $120.
  • Wedding. You and your Filipino bride will spend around $10,000 on a celebration of a big day. However, the cost differs from couple to couple.

In general, the price for getting Filipino mail order wives is around $15,000. The sum can be either smaller or larger, but your partner is definitely worth it.

How to make Filipino brides for marriage fall for you?


Women from the Philippines can boast not only beauty but also refined character. Is it real to win one of them? It's quite possible! Here are some simple tips for any Filipina wife finder!

Tell the truth

It's vital to stay frank. Filipinos are sensitive to deception and avoidance of a direct answer. So don't start a love affair with a lie! Sooner or later, your cheating will be discovered, and your potential bride will be disappointed in you.

Be polite

This piece of advice is suitable for all girls, regardless of nationality. Always respect her opinion, wish and choice. Try not to pressure or rush her.

Be proactive

The speed and success of your relationship depend only on you. Don't be too pushy with Filipino ladies looking for marriage. Although, expecting everything to happen by itself isn’t the best idea. Remember that measure is a treasure.

Be nice, easy, and welcoming

Filipino women don't put on shoulder epaulets. Friendliness is natural to them. Make them feel comfortable and give her compliments about her English. They may be shy because they think they can't match up to you, a native speaker in English due to the simple fact that it's not their first language. Smile at them at every point in conversations and create a comfortable environment where they can talk freely.

Filipino ladies already value and place foreigners in high esteem. You have to crumble the distance or barriers to make them more natural around you. Be down to earth, relate with a moderately good sense of humor. You may limit the jokes to ones they can connect with.

Show respect for their personality

Filipino girls manifest an impressive level of courtesy. Asian brides are generally respectful people. And some signs of liberality found in the Western world are totally absent in a place like Asia. Thus, they regard elders as "sir" or "madam" and use professional titles for known professionals. The respect is unwavering to them.

Never at any point, mention her parents by bare names or compliment her friends excessively around her. That usually counts as disrespect to Filipino girls. Make sure not to talk about politics. Although some ladies may be interested, there is often a lack of interest in that topic.

If she offers you food, accept it. Make positive comments about her religion and recognize the terrain well before you talk about sex or it may backfire. Sex as a word is considered an abomination in certain parts of the provinces. So, respect her conservative nature.

Stay loyal

Filipino women are naturally faithful people. Abortion and divorce aren't culturally acceptable, and as conservative people, they still stay true to this tradition. Marriage is a once in a lifetime concept for Filipino ladies. They have a strong aversion to promiscuity and unfaithfulness. They're sacrificial: their girls will give you anything to see their marriages work and keep together. When approaching a Filipino lady, express your loyalty and don’t sound too liberal about sacred issues like marriage and abortion.

Be natural

Don’t sweat it. Say what you mean to say and be honest. You can be sure typical Filipina women will reciprocate this honesty. Be plain and sincere both in what you say and also how you act around them. They have a healthy sense of self, and you can't get through to them conjuring up inconsistent images. Being honest will make the conversations sail smoothly, and you'll discover if there's chemistry between you and the Filipina woman. Say things about yourself that other people may not see. Be comfortable doing it, and this will tell her you're self-confident. Remember to exclude the self-deprecating jokes.

Do some petty gifting

Gifts open up the way to the hearts of ladies. When seeing her or chatting with her online, buy her something she would really love. The super-expensive gifts aren't necessary, but a little above casual items will do. By knowing her interests, you’d be able to discern what she likes. Compliment her about looks and always make her feel special.

Why are Filipina girls so attractive?


It's not only their appearance that makes a great impression on men from all over the world. Here's what else makes Filipino mail order brides so beautiful:

  • They're very fit. Every man wants to see a sporty and healthy woman next to him. That's where Filipina girls are winning for sure: they look after their bodies, know lots of Asian folk medicine secrets, and spend much time looking after themselves. They eat lots of fermented food like kimchi and know many traditional beauty recipes.
  • Filipino girls are always curious. When they like a guy, they want to know everything about him. They can ask about his hobbies, any good or bad event that has happened in his life, your plans for the day or the whole week. And they do it cutely.
  • Brides from the Philippines are very hospitable and patriotic. They can show you the best of their country. They'll cook the best traditional dishes, tells you many national myths and legends, and show you around the city better than any tour guide. They know lots of cool local places usual tourists never find.

For the passion for naturally tanned skin, lush hair, enchanting eyes, fairly contoured edges with a touch of elegance, a perfectly hinged knee, sparkling thighs, and stretched legs offering a godly gait, Filipino ladies are your go-to. They have some of the best personalities and combine them with physical qualities worth more than anything. Getting a Philippine mail order bride may be one of those lifelong cherished decisions you will ever make!

Ready to meet these wonderful Philippines mail order wives?

If you're determined enough to marry a Philippines girl, your patience and willingness will be fully rewarded! Sure, it takes a while to get to know each other and realize you've found the right person, but it's definitely the best feeling in the world when you do. Have an exciting adventure searching for a perfect Filipino wife and be happy!

💡 Interesting Facts About The Philippines

  • The country's official languages are Filipino and English. The Philippines are also the 5th biggest English-speaking country in the world. But the total number of languages spoken is over 170.
  • While almost all South Asians are Buddhists, over 90% of Philippinos are Christians.
  • The locals are very sociable and communicative. The islands are often called the texting capital of the world. They love sending messages! On average, they send about 400 million messages daily.
  • Filipinas are crazy fans of the… malls! In fact, their malls are more than just shopping centers. They're more like community hubs. They have gyms, banks, restaurants, and even churches inside. The three world's biggest malls are located in the Philippines.

Filipino Brides F.A.Q.

How much does a Filipina bride cost?

Taking into account all the accommodation, flight, and dating charges, be ready to spend around $20K, excluding marriage expenses. This includes mail order bride website services, gifts, taking your date to the restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues, paying for a spouse visa, staying at the hotel, and flight fares. Plus, it would differ due to your budget expectations and how fancy you want your dates to be.

Do Filipinas make good wives?

In a nutshell, yes. Filipino girls are loving, caring, and will do their best to develop a nurturing relationship with the men they love. If you get married to a lady from the Philippines, you'll forget about all the troubles of your single everyday life, and your house will always be clean, and your kids and wife will always be happy to see and give you love.

What do Filipinas find attractive?

Filipino women like mature and well-endowed men who know what they want. That's one of the reasons they're seeking men in their thirties or older to establish a loyal, lifelong commitment with them. Plus, Filipino mail order brides love it when a guy shows attention and expresses interest in a girl. Gifts and compliments are important, but when a guy pays attention to some tiny details in a lady's appearance or character and highlights that, this will mean the world to your partner.