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Get A Ukrainian Mail Order Bride Among Single Ukrainian Women

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Donna Hawkins
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You can stay lonely even in the circle of friends and close people when you come back to an empty home. When you don't have a woman who loves and needs you, you should look for Ukrainian brides.

They have everything that a guy like you lacks. Lots of foreigners are attracted to their feminine manners and natural beauty. Ukrainian women for marriage give a man understanding and respect, accepting him completely. Would you like to share the best moments with an ideal Ukrainian mail order bride? Here we can help you to prepare for romantic relationships with Ukrainian bride and succeed in dating!

👭 Ukraine female population:23.5 mln
❤️ Ukrainian brides on dating sites:Over 50k
👩 Average marriage age:25-27
🌐 Speak English:28%
💸 Avg. Ukrainian Brides Cost:$4,000-$17,000
🌎 Most Popular Ukrainian Cities:Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Mykolayiv

Who are Ukrainian brides?

Ukrainian mail order brides are single ladies who created profiles on international dating websites. They're willing to get acquainted with foreign men looking for Slavic women. Girls from Ukraine using such services can offer you meaningful conversations and a wonderful time. Moreover, if you're interested in a Ukrainian wife, you'll have an opportunity to meet a potential spouse online. Female members prefer a serious relationship to something casual.

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3 Main Reasons To Choose a Ukrainian Woman For Marriage

Ukrainian wives are ladies who can become your salvation and a chance for a better life, as these women know how to make their partners satisfied. Definitely, there are so many charming ladies from different parts of the world, but beautiful Ukrainian brides are ready to offer more.


Reason 1. Ukrainian Brides Are Gorgeous and Beautiful

Beauty isn't exactly what makes a good wife, but admit it, having a charming girl by your side is also a huge bonus in dating single Ukrainian ladies.

If you want a bride who will always put a smile on your face because of their beauty, then Ukrainian brides top the list. You can always tell that a lady is from Ukraine because of her high sense of fashion and lifestyle. Ukrainian women pay attention to what they can do to maintain their natural endowment and will do their best to remain attractive for their men.

You can always brag about your Ukrainian bride's beauty when you're with your friends since they're always looking elegant, even after 40. Ukrainian girls for marriage are like good wine: they become even more breathtaking as they mature.

So, if you're looking for a mail order bride for love and a mutual relationship, then you really should consider getting a Ukrainian woman. Mail-order marriage statistics state that in Ukraine, 1 in 15 marriages is international, which means quite a lot of foreigners consider marrying a Ukrainian lady.

Reason 2. Ukrainian Ladies Are Intelligent

This natural trait makes every Ukrainian mail order bride different from ladies in other countries. Coming from a background where home and formal education is adored makes it possible for Ukrainian ladies to think creatively and solve problems with ease. It's even said that women from Ukraine can run a budget!

Ukrainian mail order brides are happy to have relatively free access to education, hence they're using their potential to the fullest. They not only can support any discussion but also quote poems, sing, perform a national dance, or a wide range of other things that'll prove their high level of intelligence. Ukrainian ladies are also exceptionally talented, especially when it comes to arts and crafts.

Reason 3. Ukrainian Girls Are Great Partners

Now that you're set to live the life of your dream, having a Ukrainian bride on your side can help you make the most of it. They're great listeners, hardworking mates, and all-around performers, especially when it comes to satisfying your urges on the other side. If you marry a Ukraine mail order wife, you'll always be loved, nurtured, have a lot of fun together with your lovely Ukrainian wife. Even when you end up sitting at home someday, she'll come up with extraordinary activities and make even the dullest evening a bit brighter.

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We personally consider the following websites as the best ones to find Ukrainian women.

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    Girls online: Over 4k

How Much Does a Ukrainian Wife Cost?

The final cost is always different as constituents and their prices might vary. On average, Ukrainian brides’ prices vary from 7 to 15 thousand dollars to meet, date, and start living with your Ukrainian girl. If you plan to buy a bride from Ukraine, you need to consider several factors..

  • Dating website. In general, there are three types of platforms you can connect with single ladies on: cheap, midrange, and high-quality. The better the site is, the more expensive it is. On average, men spend up to $100 per month on a midrange platform. Premium websites and VIP services cost up to $500 a month or more.
  • Trips. This category of expenditures is also very individual. Here are a few possible scenarios of how you can meet with your Ukrainian bride.

    1. You go to Ukraine and stay in a hotel, splash money out on restaurants and presents, arrange in-country trips, etc.

    2. You go to Ukraine, stay at your bride’s home, and control your spendings.

    3. She goes to your place. You spend most of the time at home and eat-in.

    4. She goes to your place and you eat out, go on a trip. You give her presents.

    5. You meet in a third country.

    Decide which option suits you most and count the approximate amount of money you might spend on such a trip. It might cost you $1,000-5,000 or even more. It’s known that Ukrainian girls for marriage are popular in the USA, and thus, it’s a popular trend to invite these ladies to the states, and then, the costs will entail other things like visas.

  • Dating in real life.It depends on whether you’re going to help her financially, send presents and flowers, meet her before the wedding. Think about it and get a rough estimate of how much it’s going to cost.

If you're lucky enough and your beloved girl said the most sacred word, you'll also need to think of the wedding expenses. Ukrainian women for marriage are always happy to share the total costs, and their parents usually pay their part for the wedding. Still, if you want to make it big and awesome, with the shared expenses, you'll have to pay approximately $50,000 on wedding preparations like catering, music, location, etc.

Why Do Ukrainian Women Register for Mail Order Brides?

Local females begin to use international dating sites and turn into Ukrainian mail brides for the following reasons:

  • They like foreign men. Women from Ukraine believe that American guys are real gentlemen who have a proper attitude toward ladies.
  • Registration on a legitimate Ukrainian dating site is the best way to meet a partner from abroad. They know that online dating is convenient and effective when it comes to love search.
  • Girls from Ukraine dream of starting a serious relationship. Sometimes it's hard to find a man ready for family life, and that's why you can meet Ukrainian brides seeking potential husbands virtually.
  • International platforms are crowded with guys. They all are fond of Slavic females, so ladies from Ukraine use an opportunity to get acquainted with someone interesting.
  • A Ukrainian mail order bride wants to discover the world and learn new things. She believes that an interesting man from abroad can show and tell her something exciting.
  • Dating sites allow a woman to find a perfect match. Ukrainian mail order wives use all benefits of such services and apply specific filters to meet men suiting their requirements.
  • A distant relationship isn't a problem for a local lady. If you find a Ukrainian bride online, you'll see how easily she copes with virtual dating.

So, do you adore Slavic females? Look for a Ukrainian girlfriend on an international platform!

How To Impress A Ukrainian Woman?

Now that you’ve decided to settle for a Ukrainian lover, there are some little actions that you can take to win her heart for life. They're pretty easy to follow since Ukraine ladies for marriage don't require too much to be fully content and happy. Keep in mind some of the main tips, and you'll maintain a great relationship with your Ukrainian sweetheart all the way long.

Show Her Care and Consideration

Just like ladies from other places, your Ukrainian bride will love you more if you show them that you're thinking about them. Before your first date, you can take some time to learn how to say stuff like "You're beautiful" and "I love you" in their language. Many Ukrainian singles are not very fluent in English and will see it as a sign of care when you remember this.

Buy Her Gifts

Simple and nice things such as bouquets can melt the heart of a Ukrainian girl and make them love you more. By the way, one of the main love languages among most Ukraine women for marriage is gifts, so you can expect to get some lovely presents from her. These little gift rituals create a stronger bond between you and your wife, reflect the way you see and feel each other, and show how well you know your partner. Good practice, especially for a developing relationship.

Make her laugh

One of the easiest ways to impress a Ukrainian mail order bride is to make her laugh. They value when their partners can make good jokes so that dating can become a more incredible experience for them.

Be A Gentleman

Look for opportunities to treat them nicely such as pulling out her seat at the dinner table or opening the door for her. This will earn you the respect of your Ukrainian mail order bride, and she'll fall in love with you in no time.

What Does a Typical Ukrainian Girl Look Like?

Ukrainian brides have become the spotlight among Western men. One of the main features common to them is their appealing appearance. Beautiful Ukrainian girls know how to impress any man, but what do they look like?

Facial features

Ukraine is one of the biggest European countries and that’s why its population may look a bit different depending on the region. But mostly all women are characterized by dark hair and eyes, a straight sharp nose, round shape of the head, a relatively broad face. However, girls from Western Ukraine have a bit different appearance: round-shaped head, narrow face, and high, straight forehead. Still, these are general features and every single girl is unique and has her own peculiarities.


Girls are generally slim and medium-height. In central and Eastern Ukraine women are mostly taller. But they have a smaller constitution in the Carpathian area. Often girls have curvaceous body types.

Still, Ukraine is too big to define its women’s common traits. Moreover, for many centuries people have come to the country and settled down. So now you can meet high and short, dark and fair-haired, green, grey or brown-eyed females. Ukrainian ladies are diverse and that’s their treasure.


Ukrainian women mostly prefer feminine looks: dresses, heels, accessories like earrings and rings, dolly makeup, and a modern hairstyle. Clothes and styles, in general, are very different. But there’s one pretty common trend: Ukrainian girls love to preen themselves. Moreover, they not only love it, they see it as something axiomatic and self-evident. No matter what day it is or what mood they have, Ukrainian beauties always care and mind how they look.


Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful?

Single Ukrainian brides for marriage owe to their genetics

The ancestors of modern Ukrainian women came to the lands of modern Ukraine 20,000 years before Cucuteni-Trypillia culture appeared there. These women instinctively chose representatives of the most powerful tribes as partners. They had eyes for those who could be good fathers to their children. As a result, they had strong, physically attractive children who continued race for generations.

Ukrainian mail order brides are known for their femininity

Ukrainian culture is still very different from the one in the West. It influences gender roles tremendously. Women are perceived as guardians of the hearth. They inspire men, try to make their lives more comfortable and fulfilled. Ukrainian girls are helpful, kind, devoted, sensitive, and modest. All of these qualities make them attractive in the eyes of American and Western European males. Although Ukraine mail order wives are independent and have inner strength, their femininity takes over anyway. You can notice it in the way they talk, react, and even move. When you meet Ukrainian brides on the street, you can't help but notice this slight smile on their faces, sparkling eyes, and the powerful spirit of feminine independence and sexuality.

Why are Ukrainian mail order brides eager to marry Western men?

A Ukrainian bride strives to find a potential partner from abroad for different reasons. Here are the most common ones:

  • She's attracted by the western dating culture. Local girls watch a lot of American romantic movies, and they believe that such kind of story can happen to them.
  • Ukrainian women dream of family life. Although there are 5.8 marriage registrations per 1,000 population in Ukraine, ladies still find it hard to meet a worthy guy. That's why they take destiny into their own hands and begin to look for boyfriends overseas.
  • Slavic brides seek better opportunities. They desire to provide their future children with everything necessary, and that is the reason why they need foreign men.

Of course, every female has her purpose to use a Ukrainian marriage agency, but you should know that with a woman from this country, you'll find real love.

What's the perfect date for a single Ukrainian lady?

If you want to impress a local woman, you need to know her weaknesses and wants. Better yet, set up a date of her dreams to make her eyes full of sparks and love. Here's what she dreams about:

  • Aroma candles. The first step to creating the most romantic date in her life is to buy some aroma candles and place them around the house. The smell of strawberries or acai cherry will create a flirty and chilled back atmosphere. And later on, she'll be able to take pictures in the candlelight to send to her friends.
  • Nice dinner with classy music. Her head is filled with romantic scenes from Hollywood movies where characters are sitting in a restaurant, elegantly dressed, with Frank Sinatra playing in the background. This image is engraved in her heart, so she'll remember this date forever.
  • Home-cooked magic. A Ukrainian mail order wife will appreciate a date even if it's at home: just dress up nicely, put some music on, and make dinner for her. Show her love through food and dance to her favorite song. This date will bring warmth to her heart.

Ukrainian mail order brides are ideal partners thanks to the multiple unique features they have, but you should do your best to conquer their hearts. Don’t forget that Ukraine was once among the states with higher divorce rate, although this rate shows a tendency to decrease. Thus, you need to show that you're a reliable person at first if you want to gain the heart of single Ukrainian ladies for marriage.

There are myriads of reasons behind the popularity of Ukrainian mail order wives. While looking for an ideal candidate, be sure not to miss a chance to date women from Ukraine.

Ukraine girls are ideal for marriage

What should a good wife be like? First of all, it’s all about devotion and commitment. With a wife from Ukraine, you’ll have such a wife who’ll be yours for good provided that you’ll always be by her side.

Ukrainian mail order brides adore children

When it comes to family building, Ukrainian mail order wives are keen on having children. It’s not surprising to find out that there are so many folk tales and songs dedicated to the love of mothers.

Ukrainian brides are diligent

Diligence is among the first features making them unique and ideal for marriage, as pretty Ukraine women are never afraid of work. This explains why they can combine family and career at the same time.

Ukrainian wives are passionate lovers

Ukrainian ladies are ideal for marriage, as they’re great cooks, loyal partners, caring mothers, and beautiful women. What makes Ukrainian dames even more popular is their passionate nature. They’re really great in bed, so your marriage is going to be full of passionate moments.

What do mail order brides in Ukraine look for in men?


Amid a Ukrainian bride hunt among Western men, you need to know some secret tips on how to attract Ukrainian girls` attention and, most importantly, keep it. Let's jump right into the qualities Ukrainian girls love in men:

  • Tidiness

    Ukraine mail order brides looking for husbands see a lot of men with untidy clothes on the streets of their cities, so they expect a higher league from foreigners. Keep an eye on your clothes and shoes to look neat.

  • Humor

    Single Ukrainian women love to be around a man who makes them laugh. Local ladies are born with a great sense of humor, so they want their partners to be on the same page. Don't worry if you can't understand some Ukrainian jokes—beautiful Ukrainian brides will gladly explain them to you and even teach you how to make Ukrainian-style jokes.

  • Respect

    Your manners will dictate the rules of dating. If you plan to get close with your partner from Ukraine, you need to show that you respect and value her, and then, your relationship will gain speed.

  • Financial stability

    Another yet important factor is your financial stability. Girls should know that they’ll be taken care of properly before giving her consent to creating a relationship.

Top myths about Ukrainian mail order brides

What's not true about Ukraine women for marriage?

  • Myth #1: They're pretty but foolish. This is a stereotype many women, not only Ukrainian ones, suffer from. They say if you look nice, you must be empty-headed. However, it's not like that as these two characteristics are interdependent in no way. The reality is that you can meet lots of smart, quick-witted, well-mannered, and interesting Ukrainian girls who look tremendously attractive. Education and self-growth are significant to the majority of women from this country.
  • Myth #2: They're just housewives. Another common misbelief is that single Ukrainian ladies for marriage only look for a foreign husband to stay at home, raise children, and not work. Well, no one denies there are women who really want to be housewives (and this doesn't depend on a country). As a rule, girls let men know about it when they date, so it's not out of the blue once you're married. However, there are women (actually the majority) who balance family-work life successfully.
  • Myth #3: they’re fans of fast and fat food. The cuisine of Ukraine is indeed rich in fat and calories, and when it comes to lards, you might think that these women are fond of eating such food. But this is completely wrong, as Ukrainian girls are obsessed with healthy food. No need to worry about their healthy lifestyles. Ukraine girls are ideal for dating and marrying, as they keep healthy diets, not to mention that going to gyms is among common hobbies in Ukraine.

Possible challenges when dating Ukrainian brides

What to expect when dating Ukraine mail order wives? What's the difference to know about to either accept or get rid of? You should note that dating them won’t be without some challenges that you need to be aware of.


Brides from Ukraine have different language skills. They depend on a variety of reasons like the city they come from, the school they go to, families, teachers, education, life purposes, etc. Some women speak English fluently and have no trouble communicating with foreigners. Some have no skills at all and have to learn the language from the very start (however there are a few mail order brides like that). The majority have an intermediate level which means they can talk to you with no big trouble but still need more practice to feel absolutely free when interacting with Westerners.


The mentality of Ukrainians is sometimes striking and makes Europeans and Americans very surprised. On the one hand, the nation is tolerant and patient. They bear all the promises the politicians give and don't strike when injustice happens. However, when their patience is over, riots, often bloody, like Maidan happen. That's an illustration of typical Ukrainian behavior you can take as an example and use in your family life with a woman from this country. She can wait for a long time, be patient, quiet, and tolerant, but one day she might burst. So don't try her patience.

Marrying a Ukrainian girl is one of the best events that could happen in your life. These charming ladies know how to make every single man happier than ever. So go ahead and enjoy the ride, may this fairytale never end!

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How to marry a Ukrainian woman?

Now that you might be aware of why Ukrainian women seeking marriage become mail order brides, it’s time to consider how you can marry them. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Find a platform: if you’re looking for a Ukrainian wife, you need to come up with a decent site that’ll offer a wide range of needed services. There, you’ll find your destined Ukrainian brides.
  • Register and create a profile: after you find a platform, you need to sign up and make a good profile where you’ll describe yourself and your intention. The rest will be much easier.
  • Find a proper profile: after creating an account, you’ll have an option of looking through hundreds of profiles of mail order brides who can be your prospective Ukrainian wife. You can pick the one that tickles your interest.
  • Start chatting: why not benefit from a variety of communication tools and start having a good time? While communicating with real Ukrainian women, you’ll know more about them, and after some time, you’ll know whether you should take further steps.
  • Arrange a real date: when the time comes, you’ll be expected to meet your lady in real life. For this, you’ll have several options, among which is to visit your future wife in her country.
  • Invite her to create a family: once both of you are sure to create a more solid relationship, why not make a proposal and arrange a wedding?

Wedding traditions and features beautiful Ukrainian brides stick to

When you use online dating or services of a Ukrainian marriage agency, you probably wonder how your wedding with a lady from Ukraine would look like. Are there any special wedding customs you should prepare for? These women from Eastern Europe have big families, so they probably invite lots of relatives to the wedding party. Find out all the customs which impact the cost of a mail order bride.


Wedding preparations are important for your future Ukrainian wife

Real Ukraine women like controlling the entire wedding preparation process. For your beloved one, everything matters. She'll consider and choose the smallest details such as place, dishes in the restaurant, decoration, and bridesmaids' wear. Typically, mail order Ukrainian brides prefer a special color theme of the celebration, so every guest should adhere to the dress code.

Parents' Blessing

Although some years ago Ukrainian couples went to the church to get the blessing, today, it's common to get the "Blahoslovennya" at home from the bride's mother and father. Ukrainian parents always bless their children and wish them a happy and healthy family life. After it, the soon-to-be married couple goes to the ceremony. When foreigners find Ukrainian brides, they should accept this tradition.

Ukrainian wedding rushnyk

Ukrainian brides can't imagine their marriage without stepping on the traditional wedding "rushnyk," which is part of Ukrainian culture. After the signal, the bride and groom take a step on the "rushnyk." According to tradition, whose foot was first, that spouse will be the head of a union.

Ukraine brides dream of wedding rings

Beautiful Ukrainian brides see wedding rings as a sign of devotion. They always wear the engagement ring with a small diamond and a wedding ring on the right hand. It's essential to remember to put them on the right hand and not to mess up the hands during the marriage ceremony.

Mail order Ukrainian brides adore wedding parties

Make sure your future Ukrainian wife will be the brightest star at your wedding party. Today, Ukrainian women for marriage opt for a live band playing local folk and dance music. Your celebration will be full of jokes, funny games, and delicious food. Very often, you'll hear a toast "Horko," which is a sign for newlyweds to kiss. Marrying a Ukrainian woman, keep in mind that a local wedding may last up to 3 days. The day after the main party, the bride's parents arrange a dinner for the guests called "Popravyny". The aim of it is to greet the couple on the first day of their married life.

Photo and video shooting

Foreigners who find Ukrainian brides should prepare for wedding shooting as it's one of the most crucial things on that day. Several professionals will capture the best moments of your marriage process and party. Typically, couples get materials a month later. For your beloved one, it's a memory for her whole life, that's why she cares so much about all the details of your wedding day. If you meet Ukrainian women with a goal to marry one of them, bear in mind this and other aspects.

💡 Interesting Facts About Ukraine

  • Ukrainians are overly emotional and loud. They love big groups of friends and family gatherings. They're also very welcoming, helpful, and friendly. It's impossible to come to Ukraine and not to make good friends there.
  • The traditional Ukrainian diet includes chicken, meat, eggs, mushrooms. Ukrainians also eat a lot of potatoes, grains, and fresh and pickled vegetables.
  • Many Ukrainians consider they should and they deserve to join the European Union. Statistics show that over 50% of the population wants to join NATO as well.
  • Unlike many cultures around the world, Ukrainians wear wedding rings on the right hand, not the left

Success Stories

Will and Kateryna

Met on BravoDate

Once I visited Ukraine and saw how beautiful local women are. That's why I decided to create a profile on a dating site. I got acquainted with many ladies, but Kateryna was different. She grabbed my attention with her stunning looks and sharp mind. We could discuss anything! During our first video call, we felt that special sparkle between us, and it was amazing. We’ve had already some trips to Europe and now we’re planning to move in together.

Jackson and Iryna

Met on JollyRomance

I never had enough time for my girlfriends because of my business. So, I didn't date anyone for a while till I felt lonely. I was looking for someone to communicate with and met Iryna. Actually, I didn't believe in such stuff, but now I think that she's my soulmate. We have many common interests, like a passion for swimming and hiking. Besides, we both like to read books and discuss them later. And all those cute nicknames she gives me always make me smile. I can confidently say that I haven't been happier.

Ukrainian Brides FAQ

Why are Ukrainian brides so popular?

Some reasons why Ukrainian wives are among the most desired women for foreigners are:

  • They're focused on their families. Career is also important for Ukrainian women, but they know when to take a break and devote some time to their husbands and children.
  • Ukrainian wives are independent and know how to defend themselves in any situation. Under the cover of fragile and tender ladies lies the powerful, unbeatable concrete wall. Ukrainian girls know how to work under pressure, defeat their opinions, and oppose their offenders.
  • These traits are inherited from their ancestors who have always been fighting for Ukraine's freedom and dignity.
  • Mail order brides from Ukraine are perfect hosts. No big event takes space without some tasty snacks and meals cooked by a hospitable Ukrainian wife. They know how to serve guests and make every party a real feast.
Can you trust a Ukrainian woman?

Sure, Ukrainian women are loyal and reliable, and you can trust them whatever you want. They're not scammers and don't want to take away all your money. Instead, Ukrainian brides want to meet a man who could shower them with love. You can be sure Ukrainian women are for real from the very first sight on mail order bride platforms. They all undergo identity verification so that no girl can create a fake profile or upload photos of other people there.

Do Ukraine women like American men?

Among the Western men, they tend to pick American men. One of the main factors is definitely the way they treat their ladies. Another great point is the liberal views of these women. So, it’s clear that American men are quite popular among Ukrainian girls for marriage.]

Are Ukrainian women only looking for wealthy men?

No, Ukrainian girls aren't materialistic and they don't date only rich guys. Of course, they strive to find a financially stable man who can take responsibility for their future family. However, your wallet isn't the most important thing for a woman from Ukraine.

What kind of family do Ukraine brides come from?

Ukrainian women come from families that follow the American way of life, which makes them ideal partners for international dating. In Ukrainian families, the core values are respect, mutual support, and mutual compromising. All family members follow pragmatism principles, and young ladies see marriage as a great way to gain financial independence. Spouses in Ukraine do all their best to find common ground, take responsibility for their actions, and forgive each other's mistakes. Additionally, these Slavic women consider all the advantages and disadvantages before venturing on the child’s birth.