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Dating In Buenos Aires

Dating In Buenos Aires: Why, Where, And How

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

Where to meet beautiful and single Buenos Aires Argentina women? How to date them? Are there any rules or recommendations? If you’re looking for the answers to all those questions and need a quality city dating guide — you’re at the right place. Find detailed and well-structured information on dating cultural peculiarities and top places for meeting girls in Buenos Aires below. Let your love life begin.

Reasons to date women of Buenos Aires

Believe it, dating a Buenos Aires girl is certainly a nice experience because of many advantages. Here are some of them.


Best English skills in South America

If you compare how well South Americans speak English in different countries, Argentina will certainly win. The teaching of English in schools is highly widespread. Even though the language isn’t national in the country, it now has become a part of most of the population’s everyday life. So, communication with Buenos Aires Argentina women shouldn’t be a problem for foreigners.

The smartest mind in South America

Did you know that together with Uruguay, Argentina has the highest average IQ in South America? And what about the fact that Buenos Aires has more bookshops per person than any other city in the world? The women really love to read there. Isn’t that great they’re not only physically attractive but also clever and quick-witted?

The most different look from others in South America

What comes to your mind when you think about Latina girls’ appearance? Probably, dark skin and curvaceous figures? Well, Buenos Aires women still have beautiful bodies, but they look more like Europeans’. Fair skin and average fit figure. Many men love that type of girls. But, if you’re into a more exotic kind of appearance, there are Bolivian, Peruvian, and even Asian-Argentinian females who live in Buenos Aires and want to meet foreigners.

Buenos Aires dating peculiarities

To be sure you’re on the same page with your Argentinian girlfriend, get familiar with a few cultural habits. It’ll help to understand each other better.

  • Independence issue. Many unmarried Buenos Aires girls live with their parents and it’s totally common. It’s a part of the culture. So when you reach that stage when you invite each other over to hang out, you’ll probably have to get acquainted with her family. Or you can stay at your place. It’s up to you. Anyway, it’s usually not a problem.
  • Ruthless guys. Local Buenos Aires men are excellent at night games. If you visit any of the city nightclubs you’ll see how competitive they’re at approaching girls. But women are pretty tired of that as they don’t look for a one-night stand. They want a more reliable and faithful man, so they have high hopes for Westerners.
  • First date in public. If you invite a girl to your place on a first date, she’ll most likely feel very uncomfortable with it. It’s better to set up a meeting in a bar or café. Or other places you’ll find below in the guide. And don’t be shocked if she shows up with a friend! It doesn’t happen all the time, but in some rare cases, it’s okay for very shy ladies who've never been out with a foreigner.

Best places to meet Buenos Aires girls


Yes, Buenos Aires girls are mostly traditional girlfriends. Yes, they believe in classical gender roles. And yes, they become the best wives. But don’t think you now have a submissive agreeable partner. She’s still hot-blood Latino! Even though she looks Western, her passion and temper will make your dating experience breathtaking and electrifying.

So, if you’re excited about meeting such a girl, this is the list of top places for that purpose.

Buenos Aires night clubs

  • Jet Lounge. The venue has established a new level and trend in the Buenos Aires nightlife. It’s known as an upscale club and one of the most fashionable and posh lounges in the capital. The dress code is very strict. But once you get inside, you experience what a real party is. The pick of the basket — the out-of-doors dance floor with the most fantastic view. Opening hours: Tuesday — Saturday, 11:00 PM — 6:00 AM. Address: Av. Rafael Obligado 4801.
  • Terrazas del Este. The club has space for 3000 people, can you imagine! It’s gigantic! There are 10 different bars and 4 dance floors! Do you still have doubts about meeting and hanging out with a pretty Buenos Aires girl there? Opening hours: Thursday — Saturday, 09:00 PM — 04:00 AM. Address: Av. Costanera Norte Rafael Obligado, Av. Sarmiento 2221.
  • Rosebar. When you’re at this place, it’s like you’re in Europe rather than Argentina. The interior, atmosphere, cuisine are Western. The dance floor is maintained by national and international DJs offering the crowd a wide range of styles and rhythms. Lots of local girls! Opening hours: Thursday — Saturday, 09:00 PM — 04:00 AM. Address: Av. Honduras 5445.

Buenos Aires bars

  • Bar 878. Nothing of note outside. Just a simple door and an entrance with a number. But when you go inside and see the interior, taste the most delicious cocktails and feel the vibes, everything changes. Come around, have a comfy seat on the sofa, and you're set for the night. Opening hours: Wednesday — Sunday, 12:00 AM — 10:30 PM. Address: Av. Thames 878.
  • Darsena Bar. The place is pretty cheap, so the crowd is chilling and doesn’t worry about money and social groups. A great spot for a casual bite with a tasty beer. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Lots of locals who’re always glad to meet tourists and have a drink together. Opening hours: Wednesday — Sunday, 4:00 PM — 00:00 AM. Address: Av. José Antonio Cabrera 4354.
  • Sullivan's Irish Pub. It has the best gin in the city. The staff is friendly and professional. Tourists are made to feel welcome. You’ll have a good time no matter if you’re on a date or just want to meet someone and strike up a conversation. The atmosphere is terrific. Opening hours: Monday — Sunday, 9:00 AM — 04:00 AM. Address: Calle El Salvador 4919 Esquina Jorge Luis Borges 1702.

Other spots to meet Buenos Aires girls

  • The Mundo Lingo. A nice way to meet local girls is to visit places where language exchange meetings are arranged. Many Buenos Aires women come to such venues to meet foreigners and train English skills. It’s a good chance to socialize, have fun, and learn the culture. As a bonus — you can ask someone out on a date. Such events are held at Soria Bar and Trova wine bar.
  • Villa Gessel. The beaches in Buenos Aires are fantastic. Not only because of sandy shores and warm water. Girls sunbathing there are just gorgeous. Nice sunny weather, tasty drinks, lots of attractions dispose to come and start a talk with a girl. Ladies often sit at a bar, play volleyball, or just walk along the beach waiting for a foreigner to say hi. Don’t lose your chance.

Online dating in Buenos Aires

If you still believe it’s much easier to meet girls online first, you’re not alone! Thousands of men use the service of dating platforms. Indeed, it’s fast, affordable, and maintained by professionals. Find and choose the venue that’ll suit your demands and interests on brigthbrides.org.

How to decide upon the best service? Here are a few recommendations:

  • Read the reviews. There are lots of them here. They give info on prices, features, customer support, etc.
  • Visit the sites. The registration is free on the majority of dating platforms. Moreover, some features are often available for free users. Try them out!
  • Read members’ comments. You can’t even imagine how many success love stories are out there that started on dating sites. Users often share them. Get inspired!

Is your heart beating faster now?

You can get acquainted with Buenos Aires women anywhere — offline at a club or bar or online on a dating platform. It doesn’t matter because they’re open to meeting foreigners everywhere. Choose the first way if you’re a sociable and talkative person. Go the second way if it’s easier for you to meet in social network and only then set up a date. But don’t wait until a miracle happens. Put in some effort and you’ll be rewarded.