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Cebu women dating

Single Cebu Women Dating: Features, Dating Spots And Tips

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

Cebu is the biggest island in the Visayas area in the Philippines and attracts numerous tourists with its amazing nature. People arrive there to enjoy diving, sunbathe on beautiful beaches, taste lip-smacking food, visit milky waterfalls, and discover history. If you adore the mysteries of the deep sea, this place is an ideal option for your vacation. But also, it’s the ideal venue for those who’re in a search of gorgeous and alluring females from.

Probably, you’ve never thought about how many girls in Cebu are lonely. They also want to find someone with common interests and life views. These females tend to have the features of the average Filipina brides like dark hair and chocolate skin. They have a warm smile that completes their bubbly character. But what are the most appropriate places for making new contacts with them? Keep reading.

Fortunate venues for meeting Cebu singles

There are a lot of places where you can get acquainted with local females. If you can’t arrive in this city, you can start your search online through dating sites. You’ll find the most reliable and popular dating websites on our pages. If you arrange the trip, you also should be prepared and get to know where to go.


Choose top-rated restaurants where tens of gorgeous ladies chill in the evenings.

Anzani Restaurant

This is a renowned place for dining that has got a few international awards. Young ladies choose this place thanks to its delicious desserts. The most popular options here are the Amaretto soufflé and deconstructed tiramisu. Prices aren’t cheap but it’s worth it. Besides, you have a wonderful chance to make new contacts here.


Would you like to visit some stylish restaurants with international cuisines? Feria is an ideal choice. Local females like this place because here they can taste Filipino, Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian dishes. And if you’re a foreigner, this venue matches you perfectly.

Go to the top-rated bars with Cebu single ladies

Cebu City’s nightclubs and bars offer a fascinating Cebu city nightlife with hustle, bustle, and hot local singles. Here you can enjoy unusual drinks, cool music, and various opportunities for making new contacts.

Liv Super Club

Get an unforgettable relaxing experience in one of the most modern clubs. It offers electronic music, a smart lighting system, and a large LED screen. You’ll appreciate special guest DJs and tens of seductive girls. If you want to be a part of the mixed crowd of locals and foreigners, this place is an ideal option for you.

The Distillery

This venue has several branches across the Philippines and one of them is located at Crossroads Mall in Cebu City. It provides a wide selection of drinks and pleasant surroundings. This place is popular among single ladies and the busiest night is the so-called “Too Good Fridays”.

All Stars (Sports Bar)

Pay attention to this popular place as it offers several new TVs with live sports, the tastiest pizzas in the city, live music, and one of the best pool tables of all the sports bars. Usually, this bar is full of sexy and open-minded Cebu ladies. Visit this place to get convinced that it has a wonderful atmosphere!

Don’t forget about Karaoke

Karaoke or KTVs is the most popular entertainment in Cebu. Local females are known for their vocal skills and that’s why there are numerous places where they can sing and relax. Maybe, your prospective girlfriend is singing there right now. And this place provides you an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with her in a chill atmosphere. The most favorite place is Red Box Karaoke at The Terraces of Ayala Center Cebu.

You can meet your Cebu city woman in the mall

At the weekend every local lady goes shopping in local malls and it’s a great place for meetings. The favorite malls among singles are:

  • Ayala Mall on Cardinal Rosales Ave
  • SM City Cebu in Mabolo
  • SM Seaside on South Road Reclamation Area
  • Elizabeth Mall on Natalio B. Bacalso Ave near Colon
  • J Mall on V.Albano in Mandaue.

Cebu women for dating and their traits

If you want to start relationships with a lady from this city, the good news is that mostly they’re friendly to foreigners, and if you approach her, she’ll be receptive. Besides, she has good English, that will be enough for your conversation. But what traits make them special? Get to know what your prospective partner likes the most.


Cebu girls like to chill on the beach

Cebu’s beaches are really enjoyable and a lot of local females visit the north-western coast of Cebu. Amazing coastlines will impress you! Also, there are many activities like skydiving, island hopping, and sunbathing, which young ladies appreciate. Spending a weekend on the beach is a perfect option if you want to get acquainted with a local girl or to have a pleasant date.

They like Oslob Whale Sharks

A lot of females from this island adore the gentle giants – the Whale Sharks. You can go to the Oslob Whale Shark and watch how fishermen communicate with whale sharks by feeding them. Locals like diving with them, as it brings numerous positive emotions. But you have to keep in mind- that you can't touch these giants.

Women from Cebu adore canyoneering

Cebu ladies are inclined to be active, and many of them participate in adventures every vacation. Canyoneering belongs to one of the most popular entertainments here. Locals enjoy canyoneering through the Gatorade blue waters all the way down the canyons into Kawasan Falls. If you arrive at this island to meet your foreign partner, don’t forget about this fascinating idea. Your beloved will appreciate it!

Local females like diving

It’s hard to find a woman from Cebu who doesn’t like swimming and diving. It’s another popular activity here. This island is surrounded by crystal-clear warm waters that house an impressive marine life, including large species such as manta rays, whale sharks, and the rare thresher shark. There are many dive centers and diving excursions, which you can try out. It’ll be an unforgettable experience with your soulmate!

Tips for Cebu women dating

If you have met the lady of your fantasies and try to find the right approach to her, it isn’t necessarily to shower her with luxurious gifts and money. There are better ways to catch the attention of your beloved from Cebu.


Don’t push her

A lot of local girls look impressive but tend to have a timid character. And if you mention something intimate, they can easily get flustered and reserved. Not all ladies from these areas are ready to make one more step towards sex after your first meeting. Take your time and be loyal, if you see that this topic makes her confused.

Don’t appear too often

These ladies are raised to be active and independent in their own way. They want to be loved, but they wouldn’t be suffocated by the commitment in your relationships. It’s natural that you want to keep your soulmate close at all times, but don’t forget to give her freedom of choice and actions, and give the opportunity to be your equal in the affair.

More actons, less sweet words

All girls in Cebu like compliments, but don’t overdo with them. Sweet words aren’t enough to build a stable and reliable connection. Your actions always work better. Show that you have serious intentions and plans for the future, get her to be convinced that she’s really special to you.

Signs of care are important

When you have a date , show your girlfriend that you’re a gentleman. These small things at attention like opening doors or bringing flowers always make a good impression. Local females appreciate these little gestures that speak louder than words.

Be truthful with your intentions

When such a lady meets a guy who isn’t from her friends’ circle, she tends to have doubts about your plans. Be open and sincere while dating her. Tell about your expectations and intentions, do all your best to make a clean start that is the key to harmonious relationships in the future.