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Marrying A Filipina

What To Expect When Marrying A Filipina: Top Facts

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

What is a relationship with a Filipina like? In a word, great. Western men and Asian girls match each other perfectly. Women are wife-material and make great mothers. They respect and honor their husbands. Do Filipino make good wives? For more details, keep reading to learn everything about marrying a Filipina woman.

Why you should marry a Filipina woman

‌Here's why living with a Filipina woman is a great idea for a foreign man.


They're respectful

Filipino brides for marriage are brought up in a very respectful society. They're taught to value what they have and appreciate what they're given. It's of extreme importance to honor the elderly too. For example, they're expected to say “po” and “opo” when addressing the grandparents to show respect. There's also a tradition called “bayanihan”. It means helping others without demanding anything in return. Aren't these key qualities for a wife?

They're pretty

What man doesn't want a pretty lady by his side? Don't you want to have a gorgeous wife? Because you can't make a mistake here if you choose a Filipina girl for marriage. The girls are unbelievably charming and attractive. No wonder they're regular beauty contests' participants. Moreover, they not only participate, but they also win the best leading titles.

How do they look? They're quite short (an average Filipino is 156 cm or 5 feet tall). The beauty standards are the following: small hands, curvy and fit body, wasp waist. They also take care of their skin (making it look fair), hair (straightening treatment is very popular in the country), brows (they should be thick).

They're religious

It's important to touch upon a religious question when discussing Asian girlfriend dating. Why are Filipina girls' beliefs considered an advantage for you? The majority of locals are known to be Christian Catholics. This means it's highly likely you're going to be more compatible with a woman from the Philippines than from any other Asian country. The Filipinos are the only Christian nation on the whole continent.


They're sociable and friendly

Like, really sociable. Did you know the country has got its own nickname? People call it the “Texting capital of the world”. The thing is locals use their phones a lot to contact their relatives and friends. It's estimated that on average, Filipinos send around 400 million text messages every day. That's more than in Europe and America together. The more texts, the better! That's their motto!

It shows that Filipinos really care about people they know. And it means creating a family with a girl from this country can ensure you and your family will be also cared about. She won't let you down. On the contrary, she'll do everything possible to make you feel loved and supported.

They're great cooks

Let's agree, a full husband is a happy husband. Who wouldn't want to have a wife with excellent cooking skills? Don't you love to have a tasty homemade meal? What Happens if you marry a Filipina? Considering the fact that Filipinos are well-known food fans, you'll be spoiled with various dishes. They even have 4 official meals a day. There is a regular breakfast and lunch. They also have a mid-morning break for coffee and “pan de sal” (local kind of bread) and a late-afternoon snack or dessert known as merienda.

Another peculiarity of local cuisine is rice. Don't be surprised when she'll cook it a lot for every meal. And, in general, get ready for lots of yummy and unusual dishes. For example, “Adobo” (stewing meat in soy sauce), “Lechon” (fully-roasted pig), or “Sinigang” (sour broth made tangy with tamarind, vegetables, meat).

Disadvantages of marrying a Filipina

‌What to expect when marrying a Filipina? What are the possible Filipina wife problems? Are there any challenges you'll have to face if choosing a local girl for a life partner?


In fact, Manila girls dating isn't really problematic when it comes to communication. The majority of people from all around the country can speak at least basic English. Moreover, a great number of them speak it absolutely fluently. It's even considered official along with their national official language called Tagalog. Statistically, over 90% of the population can speak Tagalog and about 60% know English.

There are also almost 200 different dialects used by locals. But the chances you meet a girl who speaks English fluently are pretty high. However, you should be aware of possible accents. She might also don't know some words or misinterpret what you say. Anyway, the issue is usually quickly solved as she'll learn a lot from communicating with you.


Dating culture

This is certainly different from what you might be used to. For example, mind the PDA. It's okay to hold hands, touch each other, hug, and even kiss sometimes. But clinging to each other or girls sitting on their boyfriends' laps are totally unacceptable (which may be not so frowned upon in your country).

You'll also have to learn to become more initiative. Marrying a Philippines girl, she'll expect you to make the most important decisions and to be a provider for the family. However, this is not always the case. Some girls are becoming more Westernized and encourage equality in relationships.

‌Are Filipinas good wives? Yes, surely. If a caring, loving, and beautiful woman is what you need, your choice of marrying a Filipina is certainly right. But you can know it only if you try dating a girl. So don't waste a minute. Give it a shot!

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