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mail order bride history

Get To Know The Long And Interesting History Of Mail Order Brides

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

Thousands of lonely people from different parts of the planet choose dating platforms to look for their perfect partners for romantic affairs and marriage. The notion of the mail order brides isn’t a new one, it has a long history. Many attractive ladies who want to bind their lives with guys from other countries become mail order brides.

Today mail-order brides are often stereotyped as young foreign women desperate to escape their homeland, but there was a time when mail-order brides were seen as strong pioneer women. Modern dating sites have made meetings and acquaintances easy and convenient. Today, people forget about distance, cultural differences, and language problems. But how was it in the past? What are the roots of this notion? Learn the ways how singles met each other in times with no internet and modern technologies. Understand how many opportunities for making new contacts and interactions you have today.

Mail order bride history starts from this

It was time when men were settling in the Western part of North America to start new lives in areas with good resources and wide spaces. They got freedom and began to build their houses and farms. Everything went excellent, their ranches and businesses flourished, but there were no females in these areas. It was a rare thing when someone brought spouses to their homes. Local guys had friends, but they were lonely. They’d come to empty homes from work where nobody was waiting for them. They dreamed of getting acquainted with interesting and attractive ladies, but the number of them was negligible.

This obstacle made them invent extraordinary ways to meet misses because they had no opportunity to travel, and there were no phones and internet. It was a risk to leave their land because it could be taken by someone else. They started to think and began writing home asking relatives and close people to recommend some lonely ladies those knew in their areas.

Soon, Western men started to advertise themselves as guys who search for loving and caring spouses. The Eastern newspapers were full of such articles telling about men’s goals, interests, appearance, and occupation. Guys would describe the image of their ideal wives. Interested misses who met the preferences of a particular man wrote back.

Later, females began to advertise themselves in Western newspapers. They also wrote about their aspiration to find serious and reliable husbands if they couldn’t meet compatible partners in their location, and the courtship procedure was the same. It was one of the most popular methods to find their soulmates from different countries that have become a part of mail order brides history.

Why did ladies become mail order brides?

Women of all ages answered the ads for wives in the West for various reasons. Many of them were disappointed with their local guys or would like to improve their living conditions. They tried to get rid of social and family pressure. Many ladies had strict parents or were subjects for violence or quarrels that ruined their reputation. Some young girls merely wanted to get an adventure in their lives after bad dating experience in their areas.

They were ready to get acquainted with men from any other country and get a place far away from their homes to forget about their sad past. Moreover, there was no shortage of females who answered these mail order bride ads. Many Old West marriages were made this way. Very often, both guys and misses didn’t see each other before the wedding.

Mostly, the matrimonies went without problems, as both parties described their character, appearance, and lifestyle accurately. Nobody was interested in traveling a thousand miles across the continent to discover their partner lied. People were honest, open, and sincere with each other. So, occasions, when marriages were canceled, were a rare thing at that time. Men and women valued their time and efforts because dating wasn’t as available as it is today.

The development of the mail order wives history

After a while, single men and women became pen pals. They sent letters and built their romance on the distance without seeing each other. It was a time-consuming process because everyone would wait for the answer for several months. They didn’t have instant post services so it let them learn a lot about the potential partner’s psychology and make the right decision.

With technological development, lonely people got acquainted and communicated with the help of phone calls. They got a chance to make new contacts with singles from different locations and hear their voices. If both partners had mutual feelings, they could arrange a real date and check their relationships.

It was a long history of mail order brides. While some people may say dating agencies is an old-fashioned thing nowadays, the mail order bride services are still in great demand and gain huge popularity. The times have changed and today, the meetings take place on the web. With fast and reliable options, singles can meet each other in a few seconds and reply to messages without waiting for months. They enjoy simple and intuitive sites’ design, fast and detailed search, and full descriptions of others personalities.

In all times, people were inclined to follow their hearts and bind their lives with partners they love. It was one of the main obstacles to finding new ways of connection. Their marriages were defined by feelings and nothing could stop them. Old matrimonies with mail order brides aren’t essentially different from any other modern marriage. It lets us reconsider popular stereotypes about this type of acquaintance and dating. Many years ago singles wanted to get rid of social pressure and meet a person who looked in the same direction. Today, things haven't changed — lonely people use multiple ways to find their true love that lives across the cultures and distance.