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Bucharest women dating

What To Do To Meet Women In Bucharest In Romania?

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

Bucharest and Romania are famous for women and their beauty. If you're planning to visit the country's capital, or you're already there, you need some dating advice. What places to go? How to behave? Are there any online options to get acquainted with girls? Let's discover.

Reasons to date Bucharest girls

Many foreign men think of meeting and dating women from Romania. Why?

Bucharest women beautiful

Of course this is reason number one. Men really love with their eyes first. What's so special about Bucharest girls' appearance? Firstly, they have good genes. Their facial features are impeccable. It's like they have ideal facial proportions. Secondly, they have a special attitude to beauty. Women are just expected to look great by society. So the girls never dare to forget about makeup or wear clothes that don't suit them.


Girls from Bucharest are friendly

You'll feel that a second you meet any Bucharest girl. They're naturally kind, nice, and soft. It's a real pleasure to share a company with them, or, above that, to go on a date. The way they behave, laugh, talk, or even joke is admired by many men. The women are affectionate and attentive. They easily find a common language with people they meet for the first time. So be sure — you'll be on good terms.

Peculiarities of Bucharest dating

Dating Bucharest girls, remember they'll expect a few things from you:

  • To treat them equally. This is the most important reason why girls from Romania are so willingly dating foreigners. Simply because Western guys are more advanced when it comes to gender equality. Romanian men believe duties like cleaning, washing, or cooking are girlish. Paradoxically, they don't expect women to stay at home but want them to provide for the family too. Sounds a bit unfair? So do women think.
  • To make the first step. Yes, even though girls want equal treatment when dating a guy, they're still a bit “old school” when it comes to making the first move. So when you see a pretty girl and start making your mind about whether to come to introduce yourself — don't hesitate. Just do it. Women are open to it. They're friendly and nice, but you'll know it only in case you have the courage to come up.

Best places in Bucharest to pickup women

Where to go to find a woman for a date when you're in Bucharest? In fact, you can try getting acquainted with a girl you like anywhere you see her. But there are a few places where you might be a bit luckier. Fortune favors the brave, remember?

Best Bucharest nightclubs to meet girls

How is it going with Bucharest twilight world and Romania nightlife? Basically, it's going really well. This is the list of the best spots for dancing, drinking, and meeting girls in Bucharest.

  • Control Club. Despite the time of the year, the clubs are always full in Bucharest. The Control Club works every day of the week, but, ironically, the best time to go there is… Tuesday! What began as a happy hour advertising created to make people come to the club on the lowest evening of the week has happened to be a significant tradition. Thus, you can go there any time and meet cute girls hanging out waiting for some fun.
  • Face Club Bucharest. It's the most considerable club in Bucharest which means the chances to meet single ladies looking for single men are huge. The whole place that combines a great restaurant and a big dance floor with bars is spread for over 3,000 square meters. It has a few other interesting peculiarities that distinguish a place from other clubs. The roof, designed as a shining twilight sky, and enormous screens showing catchy videos or pictures that create a very special atmosphere. Visitors love it.
  • Kulturhaus Bukarest. Its main advantage is that you can go looking for a girl there any time. How come? All because in the daytime the place is a social and educational center that arranges performances, shows, gigs, photo expositions, and theater plays. Many ladies find the place a good one for such a kind of entertainment. But by night, another females type visits the spot as it turns into the club. What type? Young students who hunt for cheaper drinks and a relaxed atmosphere.

Best Bucharest bars to find a date

If you're more of a “bar” person who prefers cool spots for drinking and chatting rather than dancing in crowded clubs, the information below will come in handy to you.

  • Fix Me a Drink. Bars are open day and night in Bucharest. Fix Me a Drink is one of them. It's also called a “botanical bar” and local women love it as it can really surprise you no matter how many cocktails you've tried in your life. Professional staff can make an original drink, particularly for you, your taste, and preferences. Most interesting ingredients can be added — beet juice, dill, tarragon, figs. It's really fun and that's why the place is so popular.
  • The Urbanist. If you ever happen to stroll around Bucharest's Old Center hunting for a good barman, barber, tattoo master, and shop assistant selling clothes (why not?), — visit The Urbanist. It's not a joke. The place indeed serves drinks, but it's also known as a jeans store, barber and tattoo venue on some days, and a DJ party spot every Saturday. But, more importantly for you, it's a great place to hunt after local girls if you need a date.

Best restaurants to take a date in Bucharest

And if clubs and bars aren't really the places you like to spend time at, try restaurants and cafés. Local girls visit them frequently and are eager to meet foreigners there too.

  • M60. Located on a quiet street near Amzei Square, M60 is known among locals for its extremely delicious avocado toast and decadent carrot cake. Visitors also love the cafe's minimalist design. Plus, they serve great coffee. Girls come there for that cool, relaxed vibe you crave while living in a big, noisy city. Visit the spot, see if there are any nice girls hanging out, and ask a waiter to serve them a nice drink from you. That's going to be a great start.
  • Beans&Dots. Many local women come to this place. In particular, women who work remotely and only need a laptop for that. They come at any time of the day, so no matter when you decide to visit the venue, you'll surely spy some pretty ladies there drinking coffee, chatting, reading, etc. And when you're there, try their coffee selection and delicious tarts. You can hardly find anything like that somewhere else in the world. And don't forget to order a drink for some pretty girl.

How to find Bucharest girls for dating online?

To many's opinions, the most effective, fast, and safe method to find a girl for dating in any city, and in Bucharest in particular, is to go online. There are many dating platforms today and not to get lost among all that variety read our reviews on foreign dating sites . You get plenty of sites' reviews and a list of the best online venues for dating women in different cities. There are also a number of guides, articles, and general recommendations for meeting and dating girls. They're created by experts who've been into online dating services for a long time now.

Just find a site you like on brigthbrides.org. After that, register there and create a profile. And there you go! Lots of single girls' accounts are at your disposal. Scroll through them, find the ones you like, and introduce yourself. After you establish some connection with a woman, suggest a meeting. Sounds pretty easy, agree?

Your Bucharest dating experience

It's going to be great anyway. No matter where you decide to get acquainted with the girls, it's hardly possible you'll be stood up. Romanian women love foreigners. They talk to them with great pleasure, help, give directions, exchange cultural experiences. Just be a bit braver and make the first step. You can arrange a date online and then go to one of the places mentioned above depending on your preferences. Or visit it with no planned date, but find one right there. It's up to you to decide. Don't hesitate to act!