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Cali women dating guide

Cali Women Dating Guide: How and Where To Get Hot Cali Girls

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist and writer

Are you dreaming about dating gorgeous Cali women? Cali is one of the biggest cities in Colombia, where over 2,5 million people live. People call it the “Capital de la Salsa” because it’s famous for popular music and dance. Cali was founded in the 1500s and has grown into a huge industrial and economic city. This place can boast with a long history and attractive females, who win the hearts of thousands of foreign grooms.

Local girls catch men’s attention with their unusual appearance and amazing character. They have all the features making them ideal girlfriends and spouses. They believe in true feelings across the distance and cultures because no differences can stand on the way of true love. These females are open-minded, loyal, and hot. With mixes of European, African, and indigenous South American blood, Cali produces some of the most beautiful and diverse women you’ve ever seen. Thousands of lonely girls are searching for guys from foreign countries who’re ready for serious romantic affair and family life. But how to find them? And what to do if you’re far from Colombia? Get to know what traits make these girls so desirable and where to get them.

What Cali girls’ features catch men’s attention?

Females from this city are extremely demanded among guys from multiple countries and there are serious reasons for it.


Remarkable look

Local females are called Calenas. If you have a soft spot for blonde women with pale skin, you won’t find them in that area. There you’ll notice ladies with sun-kissed skin, deep dark eyes, and black hair. The average Cali girl has a curvy figure and cute face with plump lips. They like to highlight their shapes and beauty with short dresses and high heels. They know how to use cosmetics to become sexier and more mysterious. Just imagine a charming smile of your future girlfriend, sitting around you in a short dress. She has nice hips, long legs, and a stunning figure. The smell of her silky locks makes you crazy. If you’re looking for an alluring lady, who’ll always on your mind, stop your search on Cali Colombian women.

Wonderful characters

Women in this city tend to be hot, unpredictable, and passionate. This mix makes them stunning and desired by foreign guys. They love their lives and know how to make it interesting. They’re fun-loving and positive. If you want to have good support and an optimistic spouse, such a lady is an excellent choice for you.

Active lifestyle

With a girlfriend from this city, you’ll forget about boring weekends with endless serials and everyday routine. Probably, your beloved likes to go out in a big group of friends. She spends evenings dancing in nightclubs, speaking and joking with her mates or having fun in bars. She appreciates traveling and celebrations. If you visit her city, you see a lot of open airspace clubs, restaurants, bars, and other places for pleasant meetings. In addition, there are numerous salsa clubs, where you can learn how to dance and have a great time with your foreign girl. Virtually every radio in every home, shop, and taxi spouting out Latin beats, so it’s no surprise everyone there dances salsa. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn something new with your girlfriend as it makes you both closer to each other.

Zero high expectations

Cali is one of the biggest cities of Colombia, but it’s likely a low-developed area and country in general. Many citizens are used to working hard to get money for their living. They aren’t afraid of work and poor living conditions and life difficulties make them even stronger. Probably, your future girlfriend isn’t very pretentious. She values your time, efforts, and attention. She’ll be happy to live with a reliable, loving, and caring man who wants to create a harmonious family. She won’t spend your money on unnecessary things because she isn’t spoiled by pricey brands and willing to seem rich.

Do girls from Cali have any drawbacks?

Females from Cali are inclined to be extremely skeptical of their men because so many males cheat in general. She’s going to be observing you closely to make it certain that you’re not seeing another woman She’ll oftentimes feel vulnerable at the chance you might just be unreliable. So while you should keep normal limits of privacy like in any serious relationship, you should also understand that most Colombian women are a bit more suspicious and concerned about being cheated on. Show your girlfriend that you’re a reliable man, who’ll never betray her. It’s better not to pay attention to other ladies but give compliments only to your beloved.

Where to get acquainted with girls from Cali?

Where to meet hot Cali girls? What are the best local places for dating stunning women? Frankly speaking, you can find a girl in any place, but some of them suit better for that purpose. There's a list of wonderful locations for finding and spending time with girls in Cali.


La Feria De Cali is the most important cultural event. It's a festival composed of many activities to try when you are there. For dancers, there are various salsa marathons. To enjoy horses, attend horse riding contests. All the events are accompanied by parades and concerts, making people feel happy about living the best lives. It's an outstanding opportunity to feel the culture and meet beautiful ladies.


Nightlife in Cali is active, exciting, and tempting. There are many opportunities to meet your love in the darkest time of the day. When they say it's impossible to find a decent woman at night – be sure they missed a huge number of chances for being happy.

Much of Cali's nightlife revolves around salsa dancing, and the main neighborhoods to visit on this purpose are:

  • Barrio San Antonio. It’s one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cali, located near the town center. The classical atmosphere and perfect color scheme facilitate vibes between people just met. Having a walk together in a wonderful place gives you a feeling of a romantic fairy tale. You can find restaurants there for your taste when you wish to have a meal.
  • Granada. This neighborhood is full of restaurants, bars, and independent art galleries. Some abandoned houses located there don’t scare but ignite interest in exploring this city.

The most popular places for enjoying salsa in Cali are:

  • La Topa Tolondra. One of the oldest places in Cali. It's usually busy, especially on Wednesday nights, so the chances to meet love become higher.
  • Zaperoco Salsa Bar. It’s considered one of the top clubs by locals and tourists. Let the speed and spirit of that dance get on top of you in the historical city center.
  • Tin Tin Deo. It’s an iconic 2nd-floor bar for dancing salsa. It has a huge dance area, and the walls are covered with posters of salsa stars. On Thursdays, there are many expats, and on Saturdays there are parties till dawn nights.

To have some rest from salsa, visit bars to sip a cocktail and look around.

Activities and hobbies

Actually, looking for Cali women might take any place, even on everyday paths those beauties usually take:

  • Barrio San Antonio. Seeing a beautiful girl in the street and approaching her is a proper method to get her number, as Cali girls like that style. So you can walk through the narrow streets of San Antonio, the oldest part of the city. Multiple gorgeous ladies find this location romantic, and it's a suitable variant for making new contacts.
  • Shopping centers: Chipichape, Palmetto Plaza, and Jardín Plaza. Girls often gather in shopping centers, as they like buying new clothes to please themselves and impress men too.
  • Cat Park. This park contains 15 cute cat statues all painted by local artists. It's truly a unique location, and why to miss such an incredible opportunity to explore local love for cats and take in the arts? Those topics are good for starting conversations.
  • Zooloqico de Cali zoo. Cali is lucky to have the zoo, which has rare and astonishing creatures to observe. Love for animals is something people find touching and cute.

Bars and restaurants

Cali has plenty of exciting bars and restaurants to get acquainted with Cali girls. Visit them to try your luck:

  • Kukaramakara bar. This place has the philosophy of innovations, so be ready to enjoy something you’ve never tried before.
  • Tropical Cocktails bar. This place is for those who want to dive into the atmosphere of the south with its culture and vibes.
  • Garden Lounge bar. The name reflects the design: when you come in, you appear into a huge lounge zone combined with big plants. There are also some dance nights free of salsa.
  • Punto Bare. It’s another place attracting young and beautiful crowds looking for good time and adventures. They come to this place to listen to Latin Jazz, have a cocktail or two, and dance.
  • Martyn's. Cali also has plenty of rock'n'roll themed bars. It might look like not a proper place for girls, but that belief unexpectedly doesn't work in Cali. In Martyn’s, you’ll meet numerous hot ladies who want to meet partners to have fun.

Consider online dating to meet girls from Cali in Colombia

If the opportunity to arrive in the city of your future girlfriend is unavailable to you, modern technologies allow you to make new contacts regardless of your location. Just with the help of a computer and internet connection, you can log in to one of the multiple dating sites with thousands of single ladies. You have a chance to get acquainted with Cali females online on various dating sites presented on this platform.

They specialize in interaction with lonely girls from this city, helping men and women to meet and fall in love with each other. With a set of effective instruments and options, they present a simple and hassle-free way to meet an ideal partner for the romantic affair or family life. These sites are opened for every newcomer and provide some free functions, letting you test the service quality and opportunities. You get access to numerous female accounts with attractive photos and detailed bios, that permits you to learn a lot about them before chatting.

How to attract women of Cali, Colombia?


Show your serious intentions

If you’re on the way to building a long-termed romance with a Cali lady, be ready that it’ll take your time and effort. Most women from this city would be wary of giving their hearts to men from another country, even if they’re looking for such a husband. Their local grooms tend to lie to females, so your potential girlfriend can be extremely cautious. Demonstrate your respect and love every single moment. Be interested in her daily life, activities, hobbies, family, and friends. Get her sure you’re a reliable and serious partner for the whole life.

Try to speak Spanish a bit

If you find your beloved among hot Cali girls, the chance she speaks English fluently isn’t high. Cali has the lowest level of English out of any big city in Colombia – except maybe Barranquilla. When you arrive there, don’t expect to meet somebody who can speak English outside tourist spots and the universities. But, the local females are naturally helpful and accommodating, so they’ll patiently listen to your broken Spanish. If you want to impress your foreign girlfriend and build a happy family, learn Spanish or, maybe, your beloved will give you private Spanish lessons. It’ll be a fascinating experience!