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Posted on December 04, 2019
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The Best Tips To Find A Perfect Foreign Bride

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Donna Hawkins
Relationship psychologist writer

When you're at the beginning, the whole mail bride order thing may look a little complicated. But, it really isn’t — and our experts will prove it to you. We’ve listed these 12 useful tips for successful online and offline foreign dating in order from the first to the last, from choosing a right website to saying/doing the right things on a first date. Read these tips, follow them and you will find a perfect foreign bride!

You’ll have to choose a good website

Let’s make it clear: when we’re talking about the mail order bride websites, “good” means “paid”. Only paid websites can provide appropriate and safe experience. It's only paid dating websites that can protect your information and give you a chance to talk to real women. Read our detailed reviews to know more!


Make a good profile. It’s important

Creating a profile that will attract ladies is difficult, but not if you follow these tips. You already know some of them, yes. But there’s nothing bad about having a well-structured list, right?

  1. Add 5-10 photos. It would be nice if they all are different. A few full-body photos, several selfies, a photo that shows your hobbies/interests. Group photos are not the best option, but they can work, too.
  2. Inform women about yourself and your goals. Be honest. Write several sentences that express your character, but don’t write a novel. Short description will work better.
  3. Add the details that you believe are important for women to know and understand you better. Hobby, favorite movie, favorite genre of music — everything.
  4. Make your profile stand out from the crowd. Remember, it's not only you who chooses — the ladies are making their choices, too.

Be smart and avoid scammers

In order not to lose money and not to be disappointed, here’s what you can do.

  1. Google her photo. Usually, that’s enough. If you see that this photo is used by different dating websites, it’s 99% a scam, so don’t waste your time here
  2. Make a little research. If the woman is real, you can check out her FB/VK accounts to know more about her. But don't become a stalker — that's not how it works.
  3. Pay attention to her messages. Does she answers to your questions, or maybe her letters look like some kind of letter templates? It happens sometimes, and if you see something like this, it’s a problem. Not a red flag, but definitely a yellow one.

Be brave, write her first

Don’t hesitate! The ladies register at these websites to receive messages, so they’ll surely respond you. To some extent, it’s like Tinder — both ladies and men here know what they want and don’t try to hide it. Except it’s not only about sex, of course.


It would be better to respond fast. But not too fast

Show her (or them — you are not limited to one chat) that you’re interested. But don’t show that you’re sitting there hoping and waiting for her reply. Even if you really are.

Please, don’t write essays

It may sound obvious, but still. Don’t write essay long messages. It’s not the 19th century, you are not writing a letter and she’s not waiting for a post pigeon. You are in the 21st century, so be in line with the latest messaging trends!

Necessary: consider the differences

So, your online dating story has ended, and your offline dating story is about to begin. Congratulations! But don’t forget about a very important thing you’ll have to do before booking a flight.

We’re talking about considering the cultural differences. Explore the country in advance, read about its culture and traditions. There are certain things you can and can't do on a date, and these things differ from country to country. Check them out in advance in order not to spoil your experience!


Be prepared for tour

You are going to visit a country you most likely don't know very well (or don’t know at all). Ask your dating agency about the interpreter services. Talk to your interpreter at least via Skype to understand if it will be comfortable for you to work with him/her. Check the weather forecast. Buy travel insurance. Ask your agency for an advisor. Check the visa policy of the destination country.

All these steps are very easy to do, and they’ll help you enjoy your tour.

Be romantic...

...When it comes to the first date. Do the same things you would do on a date with a woman from your city — be romantic, try to impress her and surprise her. And avoid talking about your previous girlfriend or ex-wife. Foreign women hate it as much as the ladies in your country.

Use her native language

You don’t have to learn Ukrainian/Chinese/Spanish, of course. A few words would be enough — it’s cute and it will 100% impress her. It will work even if she speaks advanced English. Or if there is an interpreter sitting between you.

Give her small gifts

The absolute majority of women from the mail-order bride countries love small gifts. It’s not about the price, it’s about showing that you care. The price range depends on you.

Act like a prince

Respect her, understand her, love her. Be supportive, positive and open-minded. That’s how you will easily find a woman who will become your perfect partner and a perfect mother for your future kids.

Good luck!