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Mail Order Bride abuse

Is Abuse Common In Mail Order Bride Industry?

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Dominic Carroll
Dating expert and writer

Today, international dating becomes more popular among gorgeous ladies and men across the globe. There's a trend to find a beloved overseas and dive into online dating. Some of these affairs are serious and long-lasting, so women interested in marriage with a guy from abroad become mail order brides. Generally, this sphere is totally legal and has numerous advantages. According to the mail order marriage statistics, lots of singles have found their soulmates on the web and created healthy families. Still, there are some exceptions and stories about unhappy matrimonies and abused brides.

Generally, mail ordered wives are young ladies coming from countries with destitute conditions or areas, which can't provide opportunities to live a well-balanced life in abundance. Some of them are disappointed with local men and find outlanders more serious, reliable, and healthy. Other singles want to get rid of a patriarchal society in their state where women have limited rights and face violence. However, after finding a foreigner and arriving at his location, some spouses get disappointed. It's a rare thing, but it can't be ignored.


Mail order bride abuse: How it happens?

Gorgeous ladies look for a foreign husband online on popular dating platforms. Finding a compatible man, they can interact for a long time before deciding to live together. Usually, a guy arrives in a girl's country one or several times before marriage. Then, a couple prepares all the necessary documents to make the bride's arrival to a man's area legal.

In his country, she applies for her permanent resident status, which might make a woman dependent on the partner. Because of unemployment, cultural isolation, lack of speaking skills, social connections, economic dependence, and fear of deportation those girls may become submissive mail order brides.

The majority of foreign husbands help their spouses to integrate into local society, but the less part of them use this power to keep brides dependent and vulnerable. Because of stresses associated with migration and unemployment, the relationships become more complicated. There are plenty of stories when young spouses face abuse, violence, and rudeness in international families.

One of these sad cases happened to 24-year-old girl Raco, who had a relationship in distance with an American man. After 10 years of virtual dating, they got married, and the lady arrived in the USA. After a while, the husband began beating her because she didn't want to bear children immediately. But being pregnant, the girl also faced violence, even more intensively. Her husband threatened her that he wouldn't sponsor her permanent residence in case something happens to a child. He beat her so fiercely that she feared for the life of her unborn kid. Finally, Raco managed to escape to a shelter.

These awful cases aren't typical, but it's an example of that nobody can guarantee a partner you meet online is genuinely kind and loving in family, especially when his opportunities and power are stronger.

What is the mail order bride human trafficking?

It's a phenomenon of transportation and recruitment of ladies through force, fraud, or deception. Its main goal is to gain profit from exploiting people. Traffickers use manipulation and violence, but at first, usually, they promise big study and job opportunities. It happens everywhere on the planet regardless of age rate, and different motivations are used by traffickers to involve young girls into it. Mail order brides belong to the vulnerable category of singles who may become victims of human trafficking too.

There are some agencies that are fronts for criminal trafficking organizations. They create an attractive image of a cloudless life in a dream country with a loving man, invoking women's trust. Girls are offered to men as brides but in fact sold privately as prostitutes, forced into marriage, or held in domestic slavery. That's why willing to find a desirable partner overseas, men and ladies should learn everything about the website or a particular agency before joining it. Gaining as much information as you can is the best way to protect yourself from illegal organizations and violence.


Laws about mail order bride industry

Are submissive mail order brides arriving in a husband's country totally powerless and unprotected? No. When a lady notices some suspicious signs of domestic violence, she has a right to act.

There are legal laws established to protect immigrated singles from violence. Under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) of 1993, when a foreign single becomes is a victim of a disrespectful attitude, she has the opportunity to apply for a VAWA waiver where she can make a petition for changing her conditional status to citizenship. According to it, she mustn't wait until several years are over to get citizenship. Both men and women, who become victims in a partner's land, are eligible for the VAWA waiver. This option lets them separate from abusers and get absolute independence.

Also, the mail order brides legality is guaranteed by the Federal International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA), created in 2005 after the case when a Filipino mail order bride Susana Blackwell was murdered by her foreign husband in 1995. Under it, marriage agencies and brokers (IMBs) should correspond to the list of certain requirements for a legal operation in the USA. Also, every man looking for a bride overseas must pass the background checking to prove he can provide healthy and normal living conditions.

IMBRA requires full disclosure of a potential "groom's" previous marital history. Until financial, criminal, and marital histories are turned over to the future spouse, matrimony consent can't be granted. It also demands IMBs to provide details to ladies regarding their legal rights and resources pertaining to immigration, domestic violence, and child and spousal support. The overarching goal of IMBRA is to prevent violence in the international marriage system.

Online dating websites and companies are a great tool for singles willing to discover love abroad. But in the modern world, hatred toward women isn't always actively discouraged, some agencies don't play by the rules. It's impossible to guarantee a total support system across the globe, so the best advice is to learn a lot about every method and particular place you're going to use for starting an international affair.

Choosing popular and reliable marriage agencies, the chance you face mail order bride abuse is close to zero. You should pay attention to every little suspicious detail in the behavior, words, and actions of the foreign partner. Still, when everything runs smoothly and harmonically, don't let fear ruin the possible happiness!