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Date Recently Divorced Women

12 Tips For Men On How To Date Recently Divorced Women

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

How often it happens that people who’ve felt unhappy in marriage leave their spouses and build new successful relationships that last for years! However, some people get puzzled when they learn about women's previous marriages and doubt if these ladies can be a good match.

Marrying a divorcee always seems like a bad idea, but only at first sight. If you like a woman but can't decide on dating someone recently divorced, learn the following tips and you’ll be absolutely prepared for a new happy relationship and marriage.

6 Dos of dating a divorced woman

Ladies who’ve already tied a knot have a number of benefits over those who haven't yet registered the marriage. Therefore, a man should act in the following way with them:

Pay attention to her unmatched experience in building serious relationships

Any relationships faced by people during their life teach them something new, but marriage is a very responsible step and this experience can be hardly compared with any other romantic one. Spouses always face a number of challenges and they get more mature in coping with them. They grow as personalities and can handle a variety of life situations more effectively and impartially. These women can manage stresses and are wise enough to avoid emotional outbursts and stay cold.

Show her stability

Women who have already tried what it means to have one constant partner to rely on won't distribute their energy to many other men. They know how important it is to have close and trustworthy relationships and will do their best to achieve the stability and longevity of their relationships, so men should express this viewpoint too.

One more important feature of divorced women is a clear understanding of managing married life. They have an experience of living with a man and taking care of him, running a household, and sometimes even kids' upbringing. This experience is undoubtedly precious and significant and you shouldn’t underestimate it.


Let her feel a higher degree of commitment from your side

The first negative experience of married life often becomes a stimulus for women to avoid the same poor outcome in new relationships. They'll put more effort to strengthen the existing affection and get better problem-solving skills. Divorced women realize separation is a painful process and will be more pliable and open to discussion so as not to experience it again. If you express your commitment to her, she’ll appreciate that for sure.

Let her know your intentions are sincere

Girls who have a little living together experience imagine marriage life like a dream. They hope for romantic and fancy relationships without disagreements. However, it sounds more like a dream than a reality. Divorcees understand that compromises are inevitable and look at the coexisting of two people more realistically. It means that a man should give her a clear understanding of how adult relationships look like too.

Admit getting a full family, not only a wife

It often happens that women decide to leave their husbands even despite the presence of kids in the family. When living together is unbearable, they decide to separate and most often kids remain living with their mommies. It means a new husband gets not only a woman but also her child. Some single men who adore kids are happy about this and become reliable friends for them. You should explain your readiness for that as well.

Cure her emotional unpredictability with support

It may seem that there's nothing unpredictable when a woman and a man separate from each other. However, females can be traumatized by this sad occasion and react to some situations unhealthily. They can find it difficult to trust men and may display bursts of anger, break into tears, or express other unpredictable emotions in traditional situations. It can be a sign that there's a problem at a psychological level and this woman needs professional help and care. However, every man can treat this state with love, support, and care too.

6 don'ts of dating a newly divorced woman

Divorced women surely enjoy dating again after their separation, however, there are things that should be avoided by men, and here are some of them:

Don’t hurry and focus on a more deliberate approach to marriage

A woman who has burnt in marriage won't hurry to build new relationships and dive into them immediately. Experts say divorces happen most frequently with couples who jump into relationships quickly and have no time to learn more about a person next to them. Therefore, the second attempt is always more reasonable, considerate, and it takes more time for a woman to get used to a man and learn his behavioral patterns, habits, and character before signing a marriage certificate.


Don't let her face disappointment again

Women are emotional creatures who take this bitter and painful experience of divorce too close to heart. These negative feelings make them frustrated and disappointed so they may need a lot of time to treat this wound. Consequently, it can be challenging for women to come out to other men and make them happy. This loss may reflect on women's attitude to males as well and it can be not easy to change her viewpoint.

Don’t reject from the responsibility for other people's kids

Not every man is ready to take responsibility for children from previous marriages. People say that if you love a woman, you'll love her child too. However, it sounds pretty encouraging but can be difficult in reality. How often it happens that kids are jealous of mom's new husband and it's necessary to find an approach to this child, build relationships with the kid too.

Don’t be mean and arrogant

Two more aspects to consider are the financial side and family ties. A woman may ask you to manage the custody and provide financial care for kids too. Probably, children will also want to communicate with their father, so it'll be impossible to avoid talking about this man in your family.

Don’t get angry of she compares former and current relationships

Divorcee's marriage experience can impact new relationships as well. Naturally, she used to have both positive and negative emotions in her former marriage. Making an inner analysis and comparing husbands, women can express their astonishment if they aren't satisfied with anything in the new family. Moreover, they can set an example of their previous relationships which drives many men mad.

Don’t leave her alone with financial burden and entanglement

It’s not a secret that dating a newly divorced woman can be connected with a long post-divorce period when former spouses share their belongings, especially in court. It means a new husband can be involved in this competition and should provide his wife with support in this responsible period. Sometimes, women end up with nothing and it'll be the male's duty to help her financially.

Marriage with a divorced woman has its pros and cons, so every man should decide what aspects are important for him and only then make a conclusion. Naturally, if this is a single woman with a happy smile, no kids, and a desire for love, there's no sense to doubt: grab her as fast as possible and enjoy your romantic period without limits. Even if she has kids, she can still be the love of your life and will make you the happiest man on Earth! Find your soulmate whoever she is!