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Jakarta Women Dating

Jakarta Girls: Best Places To Meet And Dating Peculiarities

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

What should every man know about dating Indonesia Jakarta girls? Firstly, how they’re different from others. You can’t date them the same way you date girls from the USA or Europe. Otherwise, you might screw up. Secondly, you need to get the idea of where to look for women of Jakarta: clubs, bars, restaurants, etc. Find the most useful and detailed information about it in the article below.

Why you should date Jakarta women?

‌There are several reasons why those girls are so attractive to foreigners.


Jakarta girls love Caucasian men

It’s called Bule Effect. Bule is an Indonesian term for foreigners, especially Europeans. And Indonesia girls enjoy dating bules. They adore white men’s appearance and admit Western guys are more charming. Even though about 87% of Indonesian population are Muslims, ladies are open to dating foreigners. No matter of what religion you are, meeting the right girl won’t be a problem in Jakarta.

Jakarta women let men to be leaders

That’s what a huge number of Western men struggle with. European and American women are such independent feminists today. They often compete with men for the leading role in their relationship. But Indonesian women are brought up in a society where men are leaders and girls are their supporters. So, your Jakarta girlfriend will let you free up all your masculine energy.

Peculiarities of Jakarta dating

Every country has its own customs and traditions when it comes to dating. If you’re a foreigner in Jakarta but want to date a local girl, there are certain rules you should be aware of.

  • Get acquainted with ladies who don’t have a hijab. If you’re a Western Christian man, you need to be aware of 3 kinds of Indonesian females: traditional girls wearing headscarves (about 20%), traditional but westernized women who don’t cover their heads (about 60%), and super modern ladies who love to paint the town red (about 20%). Choose between the 2nd and 3d type and forget about the 1st one as they’re allowed to date Muslims only.
  • Turn blind eye to Indonesian dating rules. That’s the best news about Jakarta culture for foreigners. Even though there are many dating rules for Muslim couples in Indonesia, you might ignore them if you’re a Westerner dating a non-conservative Jakarta girl.
  • Meet her parents only in case you want to marry her. However, there’s one rule you’d better stick to. You know that meeting girlfriend’s parents in Western countries is usually not a big deal. But it’s very different in Indonesia. It’s a great occasion for her and even greater for her parents. Meeting them means the same as if you’d tell “I want to marry your daughter.”

Jakarta dating: best places to meet a hot Jakarta girl


‌If you’re a Caucasian man in Jakarta, no matter where you decide to go, you’ll definitely experience the Bule Effect. Ladies are open to new meetings and acquaintances. In no case Americans and Europeans will be ignored by Jakarta girls. But where to find the most beautiful and funniest women in the metropolis with a population over 10 million people? Find the list of TOP places below.

Jakarta night clubs

  • Boca Rica. The place previously was a restaurant but it has become so polar that nowadays it works as a nightclub on weekends. Often the entrance is free and that’s pretty rare as nightlife is expensive in Jakarta. The crowd is different: upper classes, young people, Europeans, immigrants. Food is Spanish, Western, finger. Opening hours: Tuesday — Saturday, 18:00 — 00:00. Address: Lobby Crowne Plaza, Jl. Jenderal Gatot Subroto Kav. 2-3.
  • Dragonfly. In case you crave to experience what a real Jakarta nightlife is — head to Dragonfly. The spot is one of the most outstanding in Indonesia. It has got several rewards for being one of the best clubs in the world. The place is very atmospheric with great mainstream music. New interesting events every week. Great service and tasty European cuisine. Opening hours: Friday — Saturday, 21:00 — 4:00. Address: Graha Bip, Jl. Gatot Subroto No.Kav. 23, Setia Budi.
  • Blowfish. After the club was reopened, it has been attracting the best Jakarta’s crowd. In particular, young and pretty Indonesian-Chinese girls in their early 20s. The staff’s hospitality, prices, services, the sound, DJ performances are usually excellent. Opening hours: Thursday — Saturday, 21:00 — 4:00. Address: Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav. 42 City Plaza at Wisma Mulia.

Jakarta bars

‌ On weekends, some bars are busier than nightclubs. You can easily find a lot of Jakarta women there waiting to meet foreigners.

  • Henshin. The bar is located on the rooftop of the Westin Hotel. It’s probably one of the most upscale and pricey bars in the capital. People love it because of its view, service, and cuisine. The place isn’t too crowded, maybe because of the cost. Opening hours: Every day, 12:00 — 00:00 (12:00 — 2:00 on Fridays and Saturdays). Address: Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. C-22 Gama Tower.
  • Basque. It’s much cheaper than Henshin. That’s why it’s more crowded and people are different. Mostly, Indonesian girls and tourists. The music is various, sometimes Djs play. The food is Spanish, Mediterranean, European. Opening hours: Every day, 18:00 — 00:00. Address: Noble House Building 8th Floor, Jl. DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Mega Kuningan.
  • SKYE. One of the coolest bars in Jakarta. The most well-known rooftop in Indonesia. The view is fantastic. The atmosphere is relaxed. It disposes to meet and get acquainted with girls. Opening hours: Every day, 17:00 — 00:00. Address: Jl. M.H. Thamrin no. 1 56th Floor, Menara BCA, Jakarta 10350 Indonesia.

Other spots to meet Jakarta girls

  • Malls. There’s one thing you should know about Jakarta women — they love malls! There are 173 of them in the city! And they often look like 5-Star Hotels. Upscale restaurants, fast food chains, cinemas, galleries, and many other entertainments can’t leave girls indifferent. They can spend the whole day there. The biggest malls are Grand Indonesia Mall, Pacific Place Mall, Pondok Indah Mall.
  • Ancol Dreamland. Nowadays it’s the greatest tourism area in South East Asia. There’s a theme park, hotels, a variety of recreational facilities. An international championship golf course is also located there. Local girls love to spend time at Ancol Dreamland because there are many tourists, hence — lots of Caucasian men. It’s a great spot for new meetings.
  • Ancol Beach. Another place Jakarta girls often go to. Firstly, because they can get acquainted with Western men there. Secondly, just because it’s fun! Though the beach is public, you have to pay for the entry. There are lots of attractions like swimming pools along the shore, a Sea World, and a water park. You have everything to enjoy the carefree atmosphere outside the city center, relax, and meet local girls.

Jakarta online dating

No matter where you decide to go looking for girls in Jakarta, the chances to get acquainted with them online are much higher. There are so many good overseas dating sites today made just for that purpose. How to choose the best platform? Read the reviews presented here, find the site that suits you the most, and make your choice.

The dating platforms are made with the purpose to connect you and single Jakarta women. But the online world also has its own rules. If you want to succeed, follow a few tips below and you’ll soon go on more dates than you can possibly imagine.

  1. Upload a professional profile picture. You already know that Jakarta girls love Caucasian men and their appearance. So, take an advantage of it and upload a good quality photo where you look really handsome.
  2. Fill out your profile. So many men underestimate this point. It’s so easy, but it can have a tremendous effect and help you to stand out among others. It usually takes about 10-30 minutes but the overall result is impressive.
  3. Give compliments on girls’ dark skin. Don’t be afraid of that. If you tell a woman how much you like the way she looks, especially how beautiful her skin is, she’ll fall in love with you immediately.

You know why you should date girls in Jakarta? They’re not only extremely beautiful and friendly. They adore Western men and dream to date them! It’s a win-win situation! Look for the women in the places mentioned above and you’ll definitely find what you want. Or try out Jakarta online dating and see how easy it is to get a date in the soonest of time. mJust choose the dating platform and let your love journey begin!