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Indonesian Brides

Find Indonesian Brides: Why Are Indonesian Girls For Marriage So Popular ?

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Paul Sanders
Chief editor

Women from Indonesia are like a delicacy that's so tasty it makes all other foods taste dull. Their natural beauty and special personality traits have enthralled foreign gentlemen for decades if not centuries! Nowadays it's way easier to get acquainted with ladies from Indonesia.

Dating Indonesian women is an amazing experience because they're caring, attentive, flaming hot, and intelligent. Sounds exciting, yes? Dive deeper into secrets these stunning ladies have and the reason it's so easy to fall for Indonesian girls below.

👭 Indonesia female population:139.4 mln
❤️ Indonesian brides profiles on dating sites:Over 28k
👩 Average marriage age:19-21
🌐 Speak English:24%
💸 Avg. Indonesian Bride Cost:$3,000-$15,000
🌎 Most Popular Indonesian Cities:Jakarta, Surabaya, Bekasi

Why is marrying an Indonesian woman a jackpot?

It's easy: because you get so much more than just a wife. You get a supportive best friend, the chef in the kitchen, a stunning woman by your side, a seductive lioness in bed, a wise life partner, and a loving mother for your kids. Your Indonesian girlfriend will be a full package of appearance and brains!

Indonesian brides for sale: what do they look like?


Oriental women possess enchanting beauty and look like real-life goddesses and this is why:

  • Indonesian mail order brides take care of their natural beauty and enhance their stunning features with cosmetology products, creams, and light makeup.
  • Local women have great genetics, so they stay beautiful throughout their whole life.
  • Women from Indonesia are petite and feminine, have strong straight hair of various colors, and great poise.
  • Girls there are pros at fashion and know how to dress and combine clothes to look their best in any situation.
  • Indonesian brides are the embodiment of true Asian beauty standards, with petite and soft facial features and gorgeous deep dark eyes.

How are Indonesian brides as women?

Although Indonesian girls are extraordinarily gorgeous, it's not the main key to what makes them so wanted as wives. A good marriage isn't built on appearance, but Indonesian girlfriends have more than just their looks. What exactly do these women have that no other ladies can ever achieve?

Indonesian women for marriage are known for their calm nature

Local ladies have embraced Asian cultures wholeheartedly and achieved peace of mind. These girls don't stress over minor inconveniences and aren't the type to argue or fight. You can barely say the same about European or American girls.

Meditations and yoga are well-known practices across the country because local women want to learn how to break free from worries and negative patterns in their lives. If you're looking for a calm loving wife, start dating Indonesian women!

Indonesian girlfriends have longing for knowledge

Women from this country are eager to learn new stuff throughout their whole life. Statistics show a strong increase in education among youth for the past 10 years.

They're devoted to studying, so it's common for girls to have two diplomas. You'll never get bored with Indonesian ladies because they're interesting companions and can always teach you something exciting!

Indonesian brides perfectly combine family and work

Don't think your local girlfriend will stay at home 24/7! Statistics say that over 53% of girls are self-employed.

Ladies from Indonesia can take care of their families and work simultaneously. They're able to balance deep-rooted traditions of being the home keepers and live a modern independent life.

Indonesian wives are passionate and sexy

Although they're calm in everyday life, these girls are beasts in bed. They know a lot of secrets on how to make their husbands happy, and nobody has complained about having an Indonesian girlfriend yet! You'll be swept off of your feet with their techniques and costumes.


Indonesian girls for marriage are Michelin-star chefs

Cooking is another strong side of local girls because they know how to work with spice and texture to achieve the most delicious version of the food. Asian cuisine is rich in flavors (sambal, satay, nasi goreng), so it's natural for these beauties to be exposed to a huge amount of tasty food from an early age. If you date local ladies, prepare your stomach for the best food you'll ever try.

Local women are understanding

This personality trait may not be unique to Indonesian girls, but it's vital for your marriage. Indonesian women are seeking men who can understand them, and they do the same in return. Having a bad day at work? Tired from a business trip? Indonesian ladies will make a hot bath for you and a delicious meal to help you relax.

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How do you find an Indonesian wife?

These days you don't have to travel to Indonesia to meet stunning local women. The Internet made it possible to meet Indonesian brides for sale online. However, if you've by any chance in the country, check out these spots to attract some Indonesian women:

  • Kuta Beach, Bali. This place is perfect for combining the ocean, socializing, and sunbathing. Many local beauties come here to relax.
  • Mount Bromo, East Java. This is a popular hiking route for local sports lovers, so grab some snacks and water with you and go conquer the mountain and possibly conquer some Indonesian hearts.
  • X2 Club, Jakarta. One of the most popular nightlife locations of the islands, this place is an attraction for thousands of local single women who want to have fun.

How to attract Indonesian mail order brides?

Indonesian beauties are in demand among international singles. Thousands of foreign men are lusting after the prettiest girls from the islands and the number is only growing bigger. To secure their attention and steal the spotlight from other men, follow these simple rules and watch Indonesian women fall in love with you:

  • Support their ideas. Local women need moral support because Indonesian men aren't good at it. Encourage their small businesses or work projects and see their hearts bloom with admiration for you! Inspire Indonesian women to do better things, and they'll do the same for you.
  • Learn their culture. Traditions are a huge part of Indonesia mail order brides' lives, so be attentive and learn main holidays and traditions (Waisak or Lailat al Miraj for example) to show your serious intentions to local Oriental ladies.
  • Respect their privacy. There's nothing more attractive to local women than men who know how to wait and keep their hands to themselves. Be respectful and don't grab her by the waist if she's not ready to. Men with manners are the biggest turn-on for local beauties!

Why do single Indonesian women become mail order brides?

There are many reasons for Indonesian mail order brides to look for foreign husbands. Here are the main ones.

  • Religious intolerance. There are 6 officially recognized religions in Indonesia. Islam is the biggest and most common one. And locals can get in prison for up to 5 years for having different beliefs (being in minority groups). Indonesian girls want them and their children to live in a more tolerant society.
  • Domestic violence. Indonesian women for marriage suffer from inequality and all kinds of abuse. The president and the parliament fail to protect women's rights. For example, they claimed to ban child marriage but about 14% of girls are married before age 18.
  • Poverty. About 25 million people live below the poverty line in Indonesia. What's worse, the gap between the poorest and the richest continues to grow. It's the biggest in South-East Asia and the sixth in the whole world. Can you imagine that the 4 wealthiest men in Indonesia have more money than 100 million of the poorest people?
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Possible challenges when dating Indonesian brides

Before you start dating Indonesian ladies for marriage, here's a list of possible challenges to be aware of. All of them are easily solved, still — forewarned is forearmed.

  • Language. English isn't official in Indonesia. In fact, it's a foreign language that some (not all) kids learn at school. Some take courses. Some learn it through globalization: the internet, YouTube, foreign friends, etc. Generally speaking, what you can expect from Indonesians' English competency is nothing up to the intermediate level. But it, of course, varies, depending on a region in the first place. Nevertheless, indonesian mail order brides who look for a foreign husband usually at least have basic skills.
  • Culture. If you're a Westerner, Indonesian culture can be challenging to accept, as it's very different. You already know about 6 dominated religions. And religious commitments come first. Locals take their religious practices very seriously (there are prayers and rituals every day). Another cultural peculiarity — families are really close. It's totally okay for them to live together with all parents, grandparents, and children (who can already be adults).
  • Cuisine. Another difference you'll definitely notice when starting dating a girl from Indonesia is her food preferences. Usually, it's something spicy and savory. The reason is locals' crops and herbs. Chili and other spices are very common (especially in Padang, Manado, and Bali).

Is it worth marrying an Indonesian woman?

Definitely! Indonesian girls are amazing friends, loving mothers, and great life partners. Give them a try and see for yourself.

💡 Interesting Facts About Indonesia

  • The Indonesians have strong principles and values when it comes to family life. They prefer to live together even when children are adults and financially independent. Sometimes even extended families (grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc.) choose to live in the same house or neighborhood.
  • They love celebrations. It's like the smallest life event is worth celebrating. They have special ceremonies for days like a certain month of pregnancy, harvest collection, historical events. It's a culture rich in traditions and customs and they love following them no matter if they're village or big city dwellers.
  • The locals eat very spicy food. Their geographical position allows them to raise a variety of herbs and plants that have a pungent flavor. That's why their traditional cuisine is savory and spicy.